The Journey of a Disciple: Book 1 - South Africa (Review)

The title of the book, The Journey of a Disciple, gives an indication of the content to follow, but what was the reason for writing this history? For the last 27 years, the author has kept a journal of significant events and revelations as he walked the path of divine obedience and destiny. In stating that he walked the paths of divine obedience and destiny, it must not be assumed that the writer makes any claims to perfect righteousness or superiority. Rather that he has strived as all humans do, who have a desire to obey God, to live a good life by obedience to the laws of the gospel, inasmuch as his capacity has given him the power to do so. The path of a disciple is not an easy journey and has required much effort along the way. The writings relate predominantly in purity to the relationship of the disciple with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and give a great deal of insight into the individual's life and struggles, along with the support, love, guidance and direction received from the Lord over many years, while striving to stay grounded on the straight and narrow path which leads to eternal life, for all who are true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The book will comprise of (1) The actual record of events and reflections taken directly from the journal, (2) Boxes with historical information from the author's memory to give the journal extracts context of the writer’s life at the time of writing. (3)The actually recorded revelations from the Lord Jesus Christ to the author, which increase in depth and maturity over time. It is important to note that The Journey of a Disciple will comprise of several books and this is “The Journey of a Disciple: Book 1 South Africa.”

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The Journey of a Disciple
The Journey of a Disciple

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