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The Guardians that had been seated around the table as I recounted my experience shot to their feet in unison and rushed to the nearby windows. Their eyes growing wide in amazement upon seeing thousands of winged creatures descending slowly upon them, each radiating a brilliant white light and wearing plated armour that reflected the radiance of the creature next to them.


It seemed as if the entire Citadel stood for a moment in awe of the display. In the next moment however a flurry of activity erupted as every Guardian within the mighty walls readied their weapons for the incoming assault.


Chanting could be heard coming from members of the clerical order, the initiates summoned their abilities ranging from wicked lances of pure fire to the purple glow of nitronium powered energy weapons, and the members of the Ecclesiast raised their maces and other assorted hand to hand weapons.


In the pandemonium I looked over to Allegra and nodded solemnly. She nodded back, we had seen what these things could do and the damage they could cause. 


I pointed towards the courtyard, indicating that I believed an open space would give us the most advantageous location to combat the Angels, and we exited the library.


As we quickly moved between the buildings my Inferno augment began to glow ready to deflect any fire based attacks that may come our way, looking behind me I saw that Allegra was beginning to gather her energy together and readying herself to put the energy to best use when the time came.


Exiting an alleyway that lead into the courtyard we heard the trumpets blare again, three short blasts, and the slowly descending Angels let out a terrible howl. Their descent turned into a full on dive towards the Citadel and the pent up fury of the Guardians was unleashed. The smell of burning flesh filled the air as concentrated fire blasts and nitronium fuelled explosions ripped through the waves of Angels in mid air.


The carnage did not seem to phase the oncoming horde and the cruel blades and teeth and claws of the Angelic Host fell upon the Citadel. As one Angel was felled from the sky two more took its place and once they had landed within the walls their grisly work began.


Each swing of my dagger and blast of fire connected in the melee and the bodies on the ground began to pile up around us. 


Forming a ring of defenders near the gates of the citadel with another group we kept Allegra and the other Ethereal Guardians protected with fire and steel while they enhanced our strength and healed the wicked gashes that were inflicted upon us. There was strength in numbers and whenever another group of Guardians would find their way to the gates we would absorb them into the growing mass of defenders.


No matter how many Guardians joined we were outnumbered and the fight was beginning to wear down our strength. 


Suddenly from behind us there was a terrible scream and I turned to face the gates. On top of the structure was the golden haired Angel and in one hand was a flaming sword, In the other was the head of one of the Clerical elders. My stomach churned at the sight of the triumphant looking monster and my heart burned with hatred.


But while I watched the Angel displaying his gruesome trophy I saw something equally terrifying rising up from behind the walls.


There, rearing up like some horrible titan from a long forgotten legend, was a gigantic serpent. Its eyes were a fiery red and before I could register what this could mean the world went deathly silent.


Alexander Motus, Guardian # 51

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The Infernity Diaries
The Infernity Diaries

In a world that God has forsaken the heroes are just as much monster as they are man.

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