A Revelation

By XxDesxX | The Infernity Diaries | 14 Apr 2022

By the time I had finished recounting my tale Jon was looking very uncomfortable, and Lucifer had a look on his face that was a strange mixture of amusement and fury.


Asking me if I was certain that the creature we had encountered was an Angel, I replied that it was unlike anything else I had ever encountered. I asked him if the creature that he had chained in the wine cellar was an Angel, since the beast we had fought was identical to it.


At the mention of a beast Lucifer suddenly slammed the back of his hand into my face, nearly hard enough to knock me off of the chair I was manacled to and causing my head to start spinning once again, stating that I was not to refer to my betters as mere beasts.


At this Jon visibly winced, it was strange seeing such a powerful man acting with such deference when he was clearly not comfortable with whatever was going on in La Roseraie. He walked behind the chair and grasped my shoulders, steadying my swaying after the powerful blow, and pulled me upright.


Lucifer continued, a hint of anger in his voice, that the creature was most certainly an Angel in that case and that he was very displeased that it had been incinerated.


He explained that the blood of the angels was a valuable commodity, and the only way that he was able to keep Mlle Epine, all of them, at their peak potential. Having incinerated one of them there was no way to recover the blood for his most treasured garden and the Nitronium crystals that formed wherever the blood of an angel was mixed with volcanic ash.


However he was noticeably amused that we had seen an Angel so close to the city, and that it was so brazen in its attack.


With two fingers pressed against his temple he mused that it was possible that his brethren may be ready for an open assault against the bastions of the Citadel, or alternatively they may feel that the blight of humanity had reached a critical mass and needed to be eliminated. That they had been preparing for this for a very long time, since the Heavenly Father had left his Golden Throne.


Upon noticing my confused expression Lucifer laughed, cruel and evil, exclaiming that it was astonishing that men could be so stupid and estranged from the power that encompassed every single thing. 


He asked me coldly what I thought Hell was like.


When I responded that I could not even imagine he continued. Hell was not, like so many commoners believed, made up of fire and brimstone. It was instead the complete Isolation from the Divine, a void of such unimaginable pain and loss that could only be experienced with the knowledge that there had been a presence permeating every good thing understood and imagined.


Men were so ignorant of the divine power that had been watching over them for so long that when that power suddenly disappeared, humanity had hardly even noticed.


The Angels however, they had noticed. The sudden departure of The Creator had ripped a hole into the heart of every member of the heavenly host, and a majority had been driven to madness with this revelation.


In their madness it was only natural to blame the Hell that had befallen them on The Creator’s favoured sons that had turned their backs on Him and driven him away, and for that Men had to be punished.


Lucifer laughed again and exclaimed what fools his brothers had been when they had taken up arms against him, but that now they understood. And soon, if the events of the last few days were any indication, so would the people of New Paris.


Alexander Motus, Guardian #51

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The Infernity Diaries
The Infernity Diaries

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