Is technology Inclusive?

Is technology Inclusive?

The world is moving at a fast pace, but is it moving fast for everyone? There is a vast majority of the population who belong to "people with special needs", do we care about them too.

There is no doubt that we have created global online platforms but how many of these are inclusive? Do we really think about them when we design or develop online platforms? Inclusive education should not be limited to chapters of school textbooks only. We need to apply it in the real life too.

We all talk about equality, but seldom we hear someone taking a stand for these people. Do they don't deserve to enjoy the opportunities which technology has to offer?

People are not ready to bear any extra cost of technological modifications which can be done to include the special needs segment of our society.

. How many online platforms do we personally know where they can signup?
. How many features do we see in the social media platforms which are specifically for them?

It seems the majority drives our technological innovations.

We need to remind the ones who are spearheading the technological innovations that it is not important to go far but to go together.

Platforms are needed where everyone gets a chance to learn and explore the world.

P.S Hope it can reach the developers.


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The Illusion of online platforms
The Illusion of online platforms

The real utilisation of platforms can not be estimated just by going through the white papers and faqs, rather, it can be very different from what it is written in black & white. In reality, it depends on person to person. How we may use a platform can be different from how others are using. When we start following what others are doing blindly, we may never find what else we could have done with it. So, it is better to experiment with new platforms as much you can.

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