Tough times create strong men

Check out this poll from last week:

Folks interested in the #paralleleconomy

Question: What do you care about most?

  • 12% said the politics behind it.
  • 18% said how people can protect privacy/data.
  • 47% said the opportunity it creates for entrepreneurs!

I love that.

The movement has evolved from a way to protect oneself from big tech, into a real opportunity for progress + innovation.

I hope this encourages more entrepreneurs to take their talents to alternative platforms. Sounds more fun and exhilarating anyways!

For example:

  • Why move to CA when you can join Ben Shapiro in NASH.
  • Why become a famous YouTuber, when you can be a Rumble pioneer.
  • Why try heavily saturated Twitter, when Gab is for the taking.
  • Why pursue Silicon Valley, when you can get money elsewhere.

Entrepreneurs are paving a way for alternative tech.

It’s such a great opportunity, that more content creators + businesses should look for their new homes in places in alt-tech that isn’t heavily populated…

… yet.

That’s what I am doing on Gab, with amazing results already.

This has been my experience:

(1) Gab is where I found my people

  • Gab is flooded with my target audience. It is a lot easier to connect with people and learn about their interests on Gab than anywhere else.
  • 3 posts on Gab gets me more subscribers who actually engage with my content than 100 posts anywhere else. I save so much time!

(2) There’s a huge opportunity on alt-tech

  • People are fed up with censorship and big tech algorithms. Because of that, they are fleeing to alternative tech in DROVES.
  • They need a following, so they are willing to follow + engage wherever they can to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

(3) Gab is a work-in-progress / sandbox of opportunity

  • The medium is clunky — so there is enormous room for growth.
  • I feel free to experiment and try new things all the time. Which will only help me in the long run.

(4) I am a part of something new

  • Gab is unlike any other site right now based on its behind-the-scenes infrastructure. Because of that, everyone is curious.
  • There are tons of questions to be answered. And a bunch of older people that aren’t spending time on Twitter.
  • Answer someone’s question and they will respect you for a long time (especially an older person who really could use the help).

(5) You are more productive when you are having fun

  • Find out where “your people” hangout then meet them there. Explore alt-tech now — before its too late (I believe alt-tech, along with crypto centered sites like Minds and, are like HTML or the dotcom boom).
  • Learn the platform along with its founders. Be a part of something new and talk about the journey (tons of content ideas from strictly that alone).

Think outside the box and COMMIT.

There’s a lot of opportunity out there for the taking. Don’t miss out!

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.”​ — Stefan Aarnio


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