New normal? Americans become “preppers” to shield their families from more shortages and inflation

“Prepping” has gone mainstream.

The way governments across the world reacted to the pandemic was eye-opening for many Americans, making them realize just how fragile our supply chain and “normal way of life” is.

Especially when they can be altered by the swift of a pen.

Under the guise of an “emergency,” the American economy has been restructured. And as a result of that, has led to supermarket shortages and consumer bulk-buying that is posed to impact individual “preparedness” for the typical family in our now post-C*vid world.

The latest American mindset: Be prepared or go hungry.

Many would argue that all this was intentional, thanks to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan for 2030. Others argue the 40-year high is because of sheer incompetence.

Regardless, families are determined to be ready for whatever new turmoils come next. Whether that be a greater increase in consumer food prices, or more inflation.

So what can Americans expect?

The Wall Street Journal reports Americans will continue to stock up, similar to what we saw at the beginning of the pandemic with massive toilet paper hauls because of fears of shortages.

People are losing trust in government and corporations at alarming rates, which is why prepping has become an outlet for dodging fears of scarcity for a society that was accustomed to on-demand products and services just 2 years earlier.

Some Americans are even looking to buy land in rural communities where they can grow their own food, hunt, and earn a living by working remote jobs and starting their own businesses.

Prepping has evolved from a “fringe” theory to a new way of life.

One that is sparking mass migration between states for better opportunities and sustainability in a country that is increasingly lowering the quality of life for its citizens.

Are you paying attention?

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The Hungry Beaver
The Hungry Beaver


The Hungry Beaver
The Hungry Beaver

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