Blockchain Games - Can P2E evolve gaming?

Blockchain Games - Can P2E evolve gaming?

By Grombutz | The Hive of a Mind | 11 Jun 2021

... and the answer is: yes! Yes, it could.

The gaming industry is the leading entertainment industry by far these days and while a very tiny fraction of players can earn a decent living from playing games, the majority of all players are mere cows to milk for cash in various systems from F2P to P2W.

Ever since the dawn of the microtransaction era with Fifa's Ultimate Teams back in 2007, the gaming industry tried to optimize its financial gains and this often happened at the expense of consumers. Everyone in Gaming recalls the Diablo 3 debacle where consumer rights organizations around the globe had to be mobilized to fight for very basic consumer rights.

At the root of the issue lies the "Games as a Service" model which was heavily proliferated in the last decade. Nowadays, you will find that most of all online games are legally considered a service and not a product you buy. This solved a key problem for gaming companies: ownership rights.

People have no legal rights for anything these days - at least, according to the publishers. While the legal side looks different, the average player did not study the law and is often unaware of his or her rights.

This may all change with P2E. I am relatively new to blockchain but the potential in terms of games is crystal clear to me. With new games backed by clever designers and blockchain tech, we could have games where people are not just players but more akin to financial partners to publishers.

It does have the potential to transform gaming's entertaining value into monetary value for all participants, not just publishers. Imagine a world where people abandon games without blockchain tech simply cause blockchain can guarantee ownership.

Why would we continue to play games like clash of clans or candy crush when at the end of the game, all the time, effort, brainpower, and cash we've spent on our favorite games will be null and void when there is another option around? Once people are aware that their time playing games is valuable, not just to them, but also to others, the old gaming industry will either adopt blockchain or sink like the Titanic.

Or so I'd like to think.

The hurdles to get there are still plenty and it will take clever designers (and economists!) to figure out how to build a sustainable game around people's ownership, with a sustainable economy that is fair for all of its players.

Something we did not establish in the real world to this day.

With that said: imagine where we could end up with this and then help to pave the way.


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