End of Week Price analysis 2/2/2020
End of Week Price analysis 2/2/2020

Today is Sunday the 2nd of February 2020, and we come to the end of quite a good week for the cryptocurrency market as prices seem to be increasing at a healthy rate.



On the 26th of January, BTC closed at around $8,466 USD. As of writing this article, the BTC price is $9,362 USD. This is an increase of about 10.5%, which is an absolutely brilliant increase and heralds immediate future growth for the BTC and the rest of the crypto market, with bitcoin potentially being able to hit $10,000 USD.



ETH ended 26 January at $163 USD, and right now is valued at $186 USD, which is also it's weekly high. This is an increase of just over 14%. If this growth continues, ETH could easily hit $200 USD.



BCH ended 26 January at $331 USD, and is currently at $378. The midweek high was at $395 USD. So over the course of one week BCH has increased by 14%, which is still very good, but has dipped in price over the past 3 days.



TRX is an ever sluggish coin, but this week experienced relatively huge price increases, jumping from around $0.0164 USD to $0.0192 USD, an increase of over 17%. TRX looks sure to hit $0.02, and could even hit $0.022 at this rate.



XTZ ended the 26th of January at a nice round $1.50, and today rests at $1.74, a healthy growth of around 16%.



DASH was $108 USD on the 26th, and today is $116. It is not a brilliant growth, claiming 7%, but it is still a good growth. DASH has dipped in the past 3 days however from its 7 day high at $126.





Overall this week saw general healthy growth across the board for the cryptocurrency world, and prices are looking to continue in a similar upward fashion for the at least the next week.


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The history and public view of cryptocurrencies
The history and public view of cryptocurrencies

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