BTC hits $10,000 USD as crypto growth continues

BTC hits $10,000 USD as crypto growth continues

Today, the price of BTC hit $10,000 USD, with the price currently standing at $10,071, a 39% increase over the price 60 days ago. Over the course of December and early January, BTC struggled to maintain a price of $7000 USD, dipping below several times. 



Beginning January 3rd, however, BTC began a positive, strong upwards trend, going from $7000 USD to $8000 in just five days.

It took under two weeks to go from $9000 to $10000 USD.


BTC's growth has continued seemingly unbridled for over a month now, after a broadly good showing in 2019. 

However, the question that people perhaps fear to ask has yet to be answered : will this be a repeat of the infamous 2017 bullrun?

The mining hash rate is hugely above what it was in 2017, but the rate at which GPU's are out of stock is nowhere near what it was at the time. In fact, the current mining rate is just a continuation of the large growth which occurred over the course of 2018 and 2019, and is not abnormal. This points away from the fact that the current price growth will lead to a spectacular crash, as a large amount of price growth can not be attributed to the sudden FOMO of prospective gambling investors.


Overall, BTC's current growth does seem to be appear generally unbridled and healthy, and may be heralding the 2020s as the true decade of cryptocurrency.

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The history and public view of cryptocurrencies

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