Brave Browser partners with Binance to allow quick and easy crypto trading

It was recently announced by the heads of both Binance and the Brave Browser/BAT project that the privacy-and-crypto oriented browser would be integrating a certain widget on it's new page tab, which hooks directly into Binance.



      A look at the widget



Once they are logged in, users would be able to access the funds they have on Binance to purchase and sell cryptocurrency through the exchange. This would be done with incredible easy through the simple to use widget, and without the need to actually go to the Binance website.


What does this mean for BAT?

Another partnership for the token, particularly with a huge crypto-exchange, is sure to increase the publics knowledge of the token, and raise the demand for and use of it.

Perhaps users may be able to withdraw their Brave Rewards straight to the exchange, which many people may prefer over using Uphold.



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The history and public view of cryptocurrencies
The history and public view of cryptocurrencies

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