(The Global commercial real estate marketplace)

Hello there,
In today's hunt, I will talk about is the first global commercial real estate marketplace, that work's basing on the blockchain technology as a transport for assets.
This benefits real estates investors, landlords, and tenants.
With this platform, everyone can become an investor in real estate despite your levels of income.

One can also own a property in a country he or she as never leave in. Say for example I can invest in a property that is in America despite the fact that I have been leaving in Uganda for all my life. You do not first become a citizen of a country to own a property. Even your great grandkids will form your efforts. that's what the blockchain is about.


   How Does It Work?


  • Qualified investors purchase Thaler.One Fund digital units and effectively become unitholders of the Fund. Digital units are sold in rounds reflective investors demand.
  • Thaler.One uses proceeds from sales of Fund units to acquire real estate assets.
  • Individual real estate assets in the Fund are securitized, get listed on the Marketplace and digital asset-backed units sold to qualified retail investors with mark-ups. Investors receive rental income pro-rata their % of asset ownership.
  • Digital asset-backed units are traded on an internal exchange, people can buy and sell them easily at any time.
  • Real estate owners who want to sell or raise capital contribute their assets to Thaler.One Marketplace and Thaler.One Fund unit holders receive origination fees for successful transactions.
  • Unit holders of Thaler.One Fund receive regular distribution of income, which comes from real estate in the Fund, profits from securitization of individual assets and origination fees charged to real estate owners. platform allows individuals to access global real estate market worldwide and benefit from recurring income generated by the underlying properties. uses blockchain technology as a transport for the assets. In its operations the platform uses digital units Thaler (TLR), which represent shares in the Thaler.One Platform. TLR is a convenient financial instrument ideal for savings, hedging against inflation and using as a future means of payment.


If you are a landlord by this time, you are also catered for by the platform.
You can check out this platform.
That is today's hunt.
Batte Billy Jackson

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Batte Billy Jackson
Batte Billy Jackson

I loving promoting Blockchain Applications.

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