GoRecruit (Artificial intelligence for HR based on blockchain.)

Hello there,
Today I come across an other new hunt that I would like you to know about. This is a platform called GoRecruit?

What is GoRecruit?

This is an artificial intelligence recruitment system that works on the blockchain technology.

It is an online service enables employers making to a decision on who to give a job basing on the analysis of data from social networks and other resources that are available on line.

To select which applicant will be interviewed, one does not need to spend hours and hours processing and analyzing the data.
The employer will acquire all the information that he or she will need to know about the applicant with recommendations immediately after entering the candidate's name in the GoRecruit system.

This approach enabling employers to hire the right person for a give job and also eliminate human error in hiring, as well as reduce the cost of HR service by optimizing routine work.

Follow the link blow;


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Batte Billy Jackson


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Batte Billy Jackson
Batte Billy Jackson

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