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Why I’m Not Scared Of China and You Shouldn’t Be Either

By Liberty John | The Hero You Need | 30 Nov 2021

I live in a very Conservative world.  Most of my friends and family are Conservative.  I used to be, but I’m something else now, although I still lean very Conservative on most issues.  One thing I see Conservatives getting all lathered up about a lot lately is China.  


“Man, we gotta do something about China!  Geez, we might have  a war with China!  Is our military ready to handle a war with China?”


So, on the one hand I do believe that the Chinese government is cartoonishly evil.  Like, literally Hitler evil.  Maybe even Stalin evil?  Yet I am still zero percent worried about what China is going to do to me.  Why?  Hey Buster, I’m asking the questions here:  


What Has China Done To Hurt You And Your Family?  


Did China lock you down for a long period of time, restricting your freedom of movement, disrupting the economy and possibly causing your job/business to disappear?  No, that was your state and local government.  Unless you live in South Dakota.  


Did China forbid you from purchasing seeds to plant in your garden in 2020?  No, that was Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan Governor extraordinaire.  


Was it the Chinese who arrested preachers for holding prayer groups?  Did the Chinese handcuff mothers playing in public parks with their children maskless?  No, that was your city cops.  


Did China set entire neighborhoods of most major American cities on fire in summer 2020 and then stand the police down on stopping the rioters while simultaneously using local law enforcement to arrest property owners who attempted to defend their property?  No, that was BLM and various Democrat run municipal governments.  


Was it the Chicoms who made last minute changes to election laws and stuffed an unknown number of fake ballots into the mail to get Biden over the finish line in November 2020?  No, that was political elites of BOTH major parties.  


Are the Chinese threatening to fire you from your job if you don’t submit to experimental gene therapy?  No, that’s Biden and major corporations doing that.  


Did the Chinese suspend you, or completely kick you off social media platforms for expressing ideas that don’t 100% agree with whatever the CDC is saying this week?  No, that was private companies bro.  


Did the Chinese put gay porn in the children’s section of your local public library?  No, again.  You know who did that.  


Did the Chinese take over the US education system and use it to pump genderqueer propaganda at your children during their most vulnerable years?  It was not.  


Did China force America into a 20 year plus long “War On Terror” that cost around $10 Trillion and wasted about 15,000 American lives in exchange for nothing?  Well, nothing but a lot more terrorists that is.  No, that was Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Pelosi, Obama, Trump, Biden, et al.  


Did China inflate away the value of the US Dollar by printing up and spending almost $30 Trillion of government debt?  No sir!  That was the US Congress that did that.  


Did a Chinese leader say that they really need to watch for terror threats from returning US war veterans?  No, that was good ole Big Sis, Janet Napolitano then Homeland Defense Secretary.  


Did Beijing order the creation of a massive new federal bureaucracy that would sexually abuse your wife, daughter, and grandma before boarding a flight?  No, that was George Bush.  


Do the Chinese spy on every single American, recording every phone call and every email to be used against them if need be?  Well, maybe they are, but we know our own NSA is doing that to us too.  


Do Chinese government officials try to fine landowners $10,000 a day for simply digging a duck pond on their own property?  No, that’s the EPA doing that.  


Did the Chinese forbid you from owning bump stocks?  No, that was your boy Trump.  


Did Beijing run a four year long coup against sitting President Donald Trump based entirely on lies?  No, that was the FBI.  


And finally, did this virus come from China?  It sure did, but it was created in that Wuhan lab on orders from the gremlin Fauci and with US government money stolen directly from US taxpayers by the US government itself.  


There Is One Threat That Is More Dangerous To Americans Than ANY Other


Absolutely bottom line, you are in MUCH more danger from your very own government, local, state, and national than you are from the Chinese.  Don’t worry about a potential war with China.  You need to worry about the very real war Washington DC is waging against you and everything you love right now!  

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Liberty John
Liberty John

I like freedom. All kinds of freedom. I want more freedom.

The Hero You Need
The Hero You Need

I'm no expert in anything, but I've got a superhuman bullshit filter. I'll be telling it like it is here. You're welcome.

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