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12 Reasons Conservatives Should STOP Supporting The Military

By Liberty John | The Hero You Need | 14 Jun 2022

Number 7 Will Shock You!  


For a very long time now Conservatives have strongly supported the military while liberals have attacked the military.  The times, they are a changing.  I would like to recommend that Conservatives cease supporting the US military and most importantly STOP encouraging their kids to participate in the military.  Here’s why:   

Raytheon Won The War In Afghanistan

1.  The Military Makes America Less Safe And Less Free


The big excuse for spending over $1 Trillion a year on “defense” spending and garrisoning nearly every country on the planet with US troops is that it supposedly keeps us safe.  This is not true.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Americans are much less safe today because of the aggressive US foreign policy of the past 30 years.  


The most pressing example of this is the current proxy war in Ukraine.  American citizens have exactly zero real interest in anything that happens in Ukraine.  Yet Americans are facing a threat of nuclear war because defense contractors want to get rich, generals want to get promoted, state department bureaucrats want bigger budgets, and Hunter Biden wants his crack allowance to keep rolling in, minus 10% for the “Big Guy” of course.  


Yeah, yeah, we all know that Putin was wrong to invade Ukraine, but we also all know that invasion never would have happened if not for the extremely, outlandishly, anti-Russian stance of US foreign policymakers.  If you don’t believe me, listen to this comprehensive history of the lead up to the Ukraine war by the great Scott Horton.  


I personally served in uniform, and as a contractor in the “War on Terror” or GWOT or Overseas Contingency Operation, or whatever some officer looking for an OER bullet is calling it now.  I can tell you with certainty that that whole catastrophe did absolutely nothing except make America less secure.  


First of all, the money spent, trillions, has made America weaker in all sorts of ways.  If you like your inflation, you can keep your inflation.  


Second of all, some of America’s best people died, for no damn reason, on battlefields on the other side of world in conflicts that had nothing to do with keeping America safe.  


Third of all, if the goal was to eliminate terrorists, explain to me why Al Qaeda had barely 800 members on September 11, 2001, and after all that US military expended blood and treasure over decades Al Qaeda then had many thousands of members and several affiliate organizations worldwide?  


Why did the US military ally with Al Qaeda in Yemen and other places?  Isn’t that treason?  


ISIS isn’t such a big deal now, but there were a few years there when ISIS was used as the excuse for all sorts of government spending programs.  Bottom line, the US military created ISIS.  You can go full conspiracy like me and believe they created ISIS on purpose, or you can stay on the three by five inch card of allowable opinion and admit that the US military created ISIS inadvertently.  Here’s an article from government approved corporate journalists at the Atlantic that claims the US created ISIS.  Either way, on purpose or accidental, the US taxpayer was forced to fund, train, and equip ISIS, and was later forced to pay for the destruction of ISIS.  Sad.   


Going back to the 70’s 80’s and 90’s the US military regularly stirred up hornet’s nests in the Middle East.  These led directly to the blowback that was 9/11.  Ron Paul was right.  The Muslims don’t hate us for our freedoms.  They hate us because our military keeps bombing their kids and interfering with their governments.  


9/11 was the control freaks’ greatest chance to eliminate liberty in the US and they jumped on it.  Never let a good crisis go to waste right?  Just look at movies, TV shows, and news clips from before 9/11.  It will remind you of how much freedom we’ve lost in our day to day lives over the past 20 years.  It’s shocking.  


Wars Are Manufactured To Sell Weapons


2.  We’ve Been Lied Into Every.  Single.  War.  


In the interest of brevity, let’s just look at the wars of the past 100 years or so:


WWI - We were lied into that one.  The Lusitania was hauling weapons.  


WWII - There are some serious problems with the mainstream narrative on Pearl Harbor.  


Vietnam - The Tonkin Gulf Incident was BS top to bottom.  Interestingly, there were about 10,000 military personnel who knew at the time it was all BS, but they kept quiet about it for at least 10 years.  This is a good point against the theory that, “They can’t lie to us about something that involves thousands of people too cover up!”  


Panama - C’mon!  Noriega was a CIA employee and a friend of the Bush family.  


GWOT - The mainstream narrative on 9/11 also has some serious issues.  Let’s pretend you don’t buy any of the conspiracy stuff and stick to government approved information… it’s still apparent that the one country most responsible for 9/11 was Saudi Barbaria.  Yet the US maintained the closest of partnerships with Saudi Barbaria and invaded Aghanistan and Iraq, two countries that had little to nothing to do with 9/11.  Makes you wonder?  


Ukraine - Already mentioned above.  There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for the US to be involved in Ukraine and the war never would have happened if the US hadn’t thrown several coups there in the past few years.  

Show Me Your War Face


3.  The Military Is Incompetent


You’d think that with virtually unlimited resources poured into the Department of Defense (DOD) that the US might win a war once in a while, but no.  All the US military does is lose.  They win every battle, yet lose every war.  So the problem is not with the tactical level enlisted men and junior officers.  The problem is with senior military leadership.  America’s generals are cowards and incompetents.   

Gay General Austin

The worst example of this in recent years is Afghanistan.  As early as 2002 there were people involved in Afghanistan who recognized that it was a futile effort.  Why did it take until 2021 to cut our losses and leave that dump?  We had soldiers born after 9/11 dying in that money laundering operation for no reason other than Raytheon needed some extra funding.  Check out The Afghanistan Papers for more lurid details.  


Let’s not forget the horrors of murder and failed leadership at Fort Hood recently.  Do you want to send your kid into an Army that might rape her, murder her, and then cover it all up to save 



Remember when some Navy Seals strangled a Green Beret because they thought he might squeal on their misuse of government funds?  

4.  The People Who Run The Military Hate You


This has been a fact for decades however it didn’t become obvious until just the past few years.  Covid has shined light on many dark corners of this world.  


Most enlisted men and junior officers are from Red State America.  However, as you climb the ranks you’ll see fewer and fewer people who hold Conservative ideology and more and more people who are disciples of the Church of Woke.  Officer promotions are tightly controlled and there is no way anyone who is really allied with Red State America will get into the general officer ranks.  This creates an overall apparatus that absolutely hates us hick rubes out here in MAGA country.  


A lot of my Conservative friends fantasize about UN troops being used against American civilians.  It’s not going to happen.  The elites aren’t that stupid.  If it comes to that, they’ll use American troops on us.  Impossible you say!  It’s already happened.  US troops were used in an extremely unconstitutional way during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to seize weapons from law abiding gun owners.  Those citizens needed those weapons to defend against looters.  That didn’t stop US troops from seizing them.  


Elements of the US Army were also present and participated in the mass murder of innocent churchgoers at Waco in 1993.  


There are very good reasons that virtually every one of America’s founding fathers had a great fear and distrust of standing armies.   


Woke General5.


5.  The Military Senior Leadership Is WOKE!  


This one has also been true for decades, but has only become painfully obvious in the past few years.  


Remember how General Mattis did everything he could to stop Trump from overturning Obama’s insane transgender policy on the military?  


Remember after MAJ Hasan murdered some soldiers at Fort Hood, and GEN George Casey gave a limp wristed speech on how important diversity was to the US Army?  


Now we’ve got really radical sexual perversions being endorsed by the US military.  And who could forget the disgraceful conduct of Generals Milley and Austin?  


6.  The US Military Is Facilitating Illegal Immigration


Do you believe that illegal immigration is a real problem for America?  Apparently the US Air Force thinks illegal immigration is awesome!  They got caught secretly transporting illegal immigrants from a base in Texas and distributing them all over the US.  Good job Air Force!  Very cool.  

7.  The US Military Wipes Out Christianity Wherever It Goes


Until the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, Christians made up a significant minority of Iraq’s population.  These Christians have been there for about 2,000 years.  Some of them attended churches literally founded by Jesus’ Apostles themselves.  Between the US occupation and ISIS devastation, Iraqi Christians are nearly extinct today.  


There are even more Christians in Syria.  The US Military was trying to do them like they did the Iraqi Christians, but thankfully Assad, with Russian aid, was able to hold on against the GAE (Global American Empire) and their Saudi and Al Qaeda allies.  


There were extremely few Christians in Afghanistan before the US invaded.  However it is significant that the very last Christian church in Afghanistan was bulldozed to the ground during the US occupation.  


This is all a 180 degree turn from American history.  South Korea is today a mostly Christian country because of the missionaries encouraged to work there by the US military.  

American Soldier


8.  The US Is Broke And The GAE Is By Far The Biggest Expense


First of all, just in case you don’t know, GAE stands for Global American Empire.  


The US is beyond broke.  As I type this the US government is $30 Trillion in debt.  It’s probably gotten to $32 Trillion by the time you’re reading this.  Remember Ross Perot’s glory days in the 1990’s?  He was going on and on about the debt and it was only $5 Trillion back then.  Now DC blows more than $5 Trillion in one fiscal year.  The trend doesn’t look good.  


The Global War on Terror (GWOT) cost around $6.4 Trillion and the average American got no benefit from it whatsoever.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  $6.4 Trillion dollars is a high price tag for a 20 year long event that gave you no benefit and robbed you of many of your freedoms and some of your best young people.  


The current annual defense budget for the US is close to $800 billion.  We all know it is much higher than that, but for the moment let’s stick with official numbers.  Do you feel like you’re getting $800 billion worth of defense?  As Ron Paul used to say, we could defend the middle part of North America with three good nuclear subs.  We have troops scattered all over the planet and engaged in affairs that are none of our business.  Why not bring them home and cut that defense budget?


“buT tHEn ChiNA wiLL tAke oVEr taIwAn!” bleats the sheep.  Well, maybe.  But if they did, so what?  The American economy is teetering on the brink of collapse.  The Ruble is now far stronger than the US dollar if you can believe that.  The economic catastrophe we are all facing now is a direct result of decades of government overspending.  Maybe we could defend Taiwan but at what cost?  Another $10 trillion?  What good is Taiwan if you can’t afford groceries because of hyperinflation?  

Me Working


9.  Socialism Doesn’t Work At Home, Or Abroad


Conservatives instinctively know that socialism is disastrous.  Well, I got news for you my Conservative friend:  The US military is a socialist apparatus.  


Government spending and government programs create destruction and chaos here at home.  It’s the same abroad.  Ask any veteran how he likes dealing with the VA.  Bureaucracies are death in paper form.  The military is the biggest bureaucracy.  


There are an infinite amount of tales of fraud, waste, and abuse perpetrated by the US military at the expense of the US taxpayer.  The best and most entertaining tale that I’ve found so far is Peter Van Buren’s book “We Meant Well.”  It will make you laugh, and cry.  


10.  Veteran Suicide Is A Very Real Problem


I’ve lost far to many friends to suicide.  Every veteran has.  Even the WWII vets, long held up as the shining example of veteranhood began to kill themselves at a frightening rate late in life.  


There are lots of theories on why veterans kill themselves at such astounding rates.  I’m sure there are many different reasons for each individual that goes down that road.  I do believe that a significant factor is that even the vets who won’t admit it out loud, deep down, know that everything they sacrificed “for America” was actually sacrificed for Raytheon.  It hurts.   

Assaulter On Democracy


11.  The War On Terror Has Already Come Back To Bite You And It Will Get Worse


So many legislative, executive, and judicial monstrosities were hatched from 9/11 it would be impossible to chronicle all of them.  The Patriot Act is disgusting.  The TSA is disgusting.  The entire Department of Homeland Security is disgusting.  Organizations that were around long before 9/11 (and were bad long before 9/11) have gotten much worse since then.  FBI, I’m looking at you right now.  


In the past two years, between the Covid nonsense and the January 6th nonsense we’ve seen EXACTLY why so many people warned us years ago that the Patriot Act would turn out to be a really bad idea.  


Dirtbags like Liz Cheney are using every tool at their disposal to bring the hammer of tyranny down on any American that dares speak out against the government’s unconstitutional actions.  This is going to get worse and worse as time goes on.  


Americans lost a ton of freedom during WWI and only got some of it back.  Then more freedom was lost in WWII.  Then more freedom was lost in the Cold War.  Then more freedom was lost in GWOT.  There isn’t much freedom left, but the next war is going to eliminate all of it probably.  

12.  Why Send Your Kids To Die To Preserve Hunter Biden’s Crack Allowance?


So this is the big question that it all comes down to.  


We know now that the US military is not fighting for freedom.  We’ve done nothing but lose freedom for 100 years.  We are broke and yet the US military continues to blow through money like a sailor at, well, you know.   


We know that America’s wars are all about laundering money away from the American taxpayer and into corrupt politicians pockets.  People like Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Liz Cheney, and Nancy Pelosi really need your kids to suit up and die (or come home and commit suicide) to justify them stealing almost $1 trillion a year from you.  


These people hate you.  They are using your own patriotism and love of country (two very admirable traits) to destroy you.  You can’t stop paying your taxes or they’ll kill you.  But you can stop sending your kids to staff their force.  If the lizard people think trannies and illegals are the best, then let them staff their army with people they recruit in San Francisco.  Leave the good ole boys in South Dakota home to defend their families from these monsters.  

Cease Supporting The US Military, For America's Sake!


Americans Are Good Government Is Bad


All Wars Are Bankers Wars


You Didn't Fight For Freedom

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