Introducing The HashAvatars Collections! Snowflakes Hash is born!

By TheHashAvatars | The Hash Avatars | 29 Apr 2021


We are so happy to announce The HashAvatars Collections, they are new and limited HashAvatars created with different characters and pattern images waiting to be claimed to populate the NFT world.

The new HashAvatars Collection is Snowflakes Hash, adorable Snowflakes in a limited edition of 200,000 characters living on xDai chain.

The Snowflakes Hash are generated from a hash name, each one in different shapes, collors and personalities, it has an optional Welcome Message, not mandatory but very appreciated if you do. ;)

Are you ready to give birth to a beautiful and special Snowflake? ;D

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The Hash Avatars, where you can claim a personal HashAvatar created and stored on Blockchain in a NFT based.

The Hash Avatars
The Hash Avatars

We allow you to create HashAvatars on xDai chain, an Ethereum sidechain. Claim your preferred HashAvatar and start your collection now!

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