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The Inside & Outside of the Beauty Industry!

By vwilliams | The Greatest Investment | 29 Jan 2022

As we embark on the close of the first month of the New 2022 New Year and coming to a close in this series, titled what’s your New in 2022. I had the distinct pleasure of having special guest Amber Brown from Beauty 4 You based out of Orlando Fl.   In our session today Amber shares how her business was birthed, how she found her love for the beauty industry and what she’s doing to bring a spirit of excellence, integrity, and servanthood.   Grab your favorite snack and refreshment & listen in, as Amber and I share real uplifting talk on: Chosen to Perform Diversity in the Beauty Industry Inner beauty V.S Outer Beauty Creative Sense Quality not just Quantity Servanthood Fearless Sleek It's Not About the Money-What?? You Are Your First Brand Ambassador Be Positioned & more!   Like, Comment & Subscribe to this channel as well as following me on all other social media platforms. For even more catch me on EVERY Tues & Sat     SHOW LESS  

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I'm an entrepreneur, Business & Finance Consultant servicing Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and On-line Marketing newbies steps into multiple income stream generation though Discovering, Developing & Monetization.

The Greatest Investment
The Greatest Investment

The greatest investment is investing in yourself. Investing in yourself will never expire, no matter where you are in your business journey. In fact, one of the qualities of a true entrepreneur is being able to invest in yourself & in your business on a consistent basis. But when starting on this journey, this can sometimes be overlooked, and the need may not be easily discovered. For some, this may even be a mindset hurdle that must be overcome.

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