Building Foundation

Revisiting the Foundations of Your Business

By vwilliams | The Greatest Investment | 12 Feb 2022

In today's session, Valerie Williams of Dimensional Talent Streams has an old fashion sit down and just shares with her audience. She provides an update on what Dimensional Talent Streams is up to in terms of its new expansion, events, and things that are in the works.

Valerie then transitions into sharing on foundation and returning to the foundation of YOUR Business. Listen in as she challenges you to review your foundation The different aspects of what is involved in a foundation.

Valerie shares from her life & experience and gives practical examples to bring clarity.

You don't want to miss this session of practicality!

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I'm an entrepreneur, Business & Finance Consultant servicing Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and On-line Marketing newbies steps into multiple income stream generation though Discovering, Developing & Monetization.

The Greatest Investment
The Greatest Investment

The greatest investment is investing in yourself. Investing in yourself will never expire, no matter where you are in your business journey. In fact, one of the qualities of a true entrepreneur is being able to invest in yourself & in your business on a consistent basis. But when starting on this journey, this can sometimes be overlooked, and the need may not be easily discovered. For some, this may even be a mindset hurdle that must be overcome.

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