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Dimensional Talent Streams Virtual Event April 22nd-24th

By vwilliams | The Greatest Investment | 15 Feb 2022

Dimensional Talent Streams will be hosting a virtual conference!

The theme of the conference is "Business Health & Fitness Expo" being held April 22nd-April 24th.

Early bird special opens today on Valentine's Day and will run until March 31st, then the cost will go up starting April 1st thru April 15th.

The first 25 people that register early WILL receive a prize that is NOT digital, so register today!!

There will also be a drawing each day of the event!

Topics that will be discussed:

3 Business Optimization & in Life

Developing Your Second Brain

Multiple Income Generation

What Generosity means for your Business & Your Life

The 7 Fs of Life

Holistic Solutions

Cellular Support & so much more!

To Register for this event, please contact: [email protected]

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I'm an entrepreneur, Business & Finance Consultant servicing Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and On-line Marketing newbies steps into multiple income stream generation though Discovering, Developing & Monetization.

The Greatest Investment
The Greatest Investment

The greatest investment is investing in yourself. Investing in yourself will never expire, no matter where you are in your business journey. In fact, one of the qualities of a true entrepreneur is being able to invest in yourself & in your business on a consistent basis. But when starting on this journey, this can sometimes be overlooked, and the need may not be easily discovered. For some, this may even be a mindset hurdle that must be overcome.

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