06 - The Great Reset - What Shall You Do??

By TheScholar | The Great Reset | 17 Oct 2021

Hi guys,

Please read the whole blog and follow. It will keep you informed.


Now, in this post, I will give you my best recommendations to survive the inevitable, but before you start buying stuff or rearranging your life, you have to understand that nobody can tell you exactly when this whole old rotten system will implode and when this new devilish blockchain based slavery system will start. The best we can hope for is to be ready and when it happens, we don't lose our sanity. But all indications say, it is very very near, and I can claim it will happen before the end of this year. 

The idea of the "Great Reset" is not mine. It is what the big powers talk about. IMF, WEF, Big Organizations. It will happen, just like the C of the 19th. These are all parts of the same brain. The following going to happen when this "Great Reset" starts:

1. The internet will go down and you will not have access to anything you have online, not your email, or crypto, or your social media accounts. Mothing, no internet. The internet might be down for weeks or few months. Get ready for that

2. Your phone will go down and it will be useless for a few days or weeks

3. Your bank will stop working, it depends on the internet to function, the same goes for your ATM and all banking services, whether online or at the branches.

4. Prices of most of the your daily life items will sore, including food, fuel, electricity, ... almost everything

5. The stock markets will implode. They will go down -60% to -90% all abroad. The same will happen to crypto and to gold and silver. Money will be so de-valuated so much that the USD will become useless.

6. When the internet comes back, the first assets to awaken and start moving up fast are going to be gold and silver, then the cryptocurrencies that are going to survive this collapse. The rest of items will depend on the need. Food and energy will continue to sore in price.

7. A lot of people will have a very very cold winter. Make sure you can survive this winter. It's going to be freezing.

8. The chance of war happening between the US and China/Russia is getting greater and greater as we speak. Follow the news. Hint, Taiwan, China's Southern Sea, Cyber Attacks, ... You can find your way on the internet I guess.


Now, these are the things you need to do today, NOW, not tomorrow, and these things are in order:

1. Sit down and imagine the above and worse. Imagine different scenarios. Write how you would react in each scenario. Be mentally ready!!

2. Start with water then food. Get a good filter and if you're lucky, you'd have a running water source. If not, then the filter will be used to recycle your water. The same water you wash/clean with, you will have to use again and again and again. You will need a means to filter your water so you don't lose this extremely important resource. Food is next. Have enough food for 3 months at least. Remember you can trade food for other items/services. Water and food are the essence of your life.

3. Get a heating source and all the tools you need to start a fire and keep it going for days.

4. Medications that are necessary for you and for your family's survival. Solar panels and electric generators will be great, but not many people can have them.

5. Get your online persona backed up. As social media, emails, and online presence are part of our existence today, and most of our memories and businesses are online, just make sure you save a copy of that on an external hard drive, so you don't lose it or at least you can access it when needed.

6. Buy and keep some gold and silver. Gold and especially silver will skyrocket soon after the reset. They will be the standard for the new financial system. Bye US Dollar. It was not a good time while you were in power.

7. Get enough books / board games / videos / movies / entertainment in case you have access to electricity. You need entertainment to keep your sanity.

8. If you can get books about different skills (survival skills, handy crafts, ...) get as many of them as you can. You will need to learn to become a handyman.

9. Find a list of survival items online and start collecting them. This is not a joke. Just do it.

10. The most important item is the following: Have a community. Be ready to help. Engage your friends and family. This will get you and the people around you resourceful enough to survive. Help others when you can. What goes around comes around. Be the best person you can be. This is extremely important.


The above is essential for your survival. Please take the above seriously.

I know this sounds like a doomsday talk. But let's do some math:

1. Did you know that supply chains all around the world are down?

2. Did you know that natural gas and oil are skyrocketing in price?

3. Did you know that most of the world will face electricity blackouts soon if they didn't start that yet?

4. Did you know that most of the internet is controlled by very few cables and servers and when somebody intentionally shuts them down, we are back to stone age?

5. Did you know that the powers to be control most of the world's countries?

6. Did you know that media is the mother of all evil?

7. Did you know that you've been lied to for most of your life? In school, in the media, by the powers that be, by the medications you are forced to takem ... ??

8. Did you know that you were born with a debt of $100K the day you were born to the powers that be? And did you know that 95% of the people will never be able to pay their mortgages during their lives?

9. ....

The list can go on and on and on.


Just be ready.


In case any of you wishes to know about my own list of survival items, please comment and ask and I shall reply. I didn't include a list here because different countries have different resources and some are much easier to get in different locations, so maybe what is important to have where I live is not critical at your end.


Regards and stay safe.

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The Great Reset
The Great Reset

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