02 - The Great Reset - The ABCs of Truth - Religion (Part 1)

By TheScholar | The Great Reset | 28 Aug 2021

Hi again.

I hope you go back and read the previous two parts about science, so you understand what I'm trying to communicate to you fully.

The most important question we need to answer here is: do we need to believe in a "Creator" who may or may not have sent us a "Divine" word or message or religion?

Humans are the most intelligent creatures on Earth, they are the ones who created civilizations. Animals and plants cannot do that. This means that we are blessed with something special, the human brain, the most powerful and sophisticated thinking, analyzing, and "empathetic" machine in the whole creation.

If you walk in a desert and you come by a footprint on the ground, you tend to deduce immediately that somebody must have walked there before you. We base our judgements and verdicts on logic. The final verdict has to be established "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" and the burden of that proof lies on the shoulders of the claimer. The testimony in court that moving winds and sands interacted with each other actively to create a footprint doesn't established the necessitated "beyond reasonable doubt".

This whole Earth and all its systems and creatures, that has everything in perfect balance and harmony, way before humans were even placed on it, did it shape itself up randomly, after a huge explosion? When was the last time an explosion created a city? "Beyond reasonable doubt" is not the playground of atheists.

A "Creator" who made earth and put us on it is way more plausible than an explosion out of nothing and billions of years of probabilistic events that need to all match perfectly to bring us to this moment in history.

When it comes to religion, we have two main sides of the religion coin, the side with those who believe there was a "Word" or "Message" from the "Creator", and the side with those who believe that we are a product of "probability", that nothing is something, and that the world started with an explosion that created so much order. They call this specific "probability" science and they build systems that support it, and when they fail, they add some more zeros to the distances and years and weights.

Science is simple. Entropy of an open, non-isolated system like the current "scientific earth system" never produces symmetry or order, and a wobbling anomaly in a Bose-Einstein condensate cannot create us.

If you don't believe in a "Creator" or a God, you should question your deduction, induction, and retroduction abilities.

If that God is fair, He should necessarily provide them with the creation manual. If He's unfair, then that's a very sad story. We will be doomed. Justice will be a privilege not a right, and compassion will be a sign of weakness, not a statement of strength.



There is a "Creator", the "Creator" is a perfectionist, the "Creator" is necessarily fair and just, the "Creator" necessarily sent us a "Word"/"Message", and all of that is "Beyond Reasonable Doubt".


I'm happy to answer any questions. Thanks for your time. We will continue soon.

Stay safe.

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The Great Reset
The Great Reset

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