Hermit Crabs NFTs are Coming to WAX! Pre-launch Freebies Included!

By Kuroshio | The Good Things in Life | 10 Nov 2021

Hello Dear P0x readers and NFT enthusiasts!

As the title suggests, I have decided to create my own NFT collection, with my own original digital art. The collection is called paguroidcrab, which is the scientific way to refer to hermit crabs, who are the featured theme of this collection. The first series will feature 14 land hermit crabs, known as coenobita, and a bonus coconut hermit crab NFT which will be available as a blend only. Depending on the popularity of this collection, more blends and more series of hermit crabs will be created and minted in the future!

For now you can check out the collection here: https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/paguroidcrab although many crabs have not been minted yet, and none are available for sale.

As a pre-launch promotion for Publish0x readers, I'm giving away a free checklist NFT as pictured below. The checklist has the names and pictures of all 14 hermit crabs in the collection, as well as the bonus coconut crab!


To get this NFT, simply follow this blog, like the post and comment your WAX address below!


Minting on WAX requires a lot more RAM than I anticipated, slowly but surely I'm getting all the hermit crabs minted, and once they are, I will announce another giveaway on here, where 14 lucky readers will each receive one hermit crab!

Thank you for reading, remember to enjoy the good things in life, and stay tuned!


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The Good Things in Life
The Good Things in Life

Writing about all the positive things I'd like to share with the readers of Publish0x. I've found many posts on this site that have peaked my interest, and I hope I can return the favor.

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