Weekly Recap GNC Announcements & BAT Now Accepted as Tips | Good$ News Podcast 03-06-21

Weekly Recap GNC Announcements & BAT Now Accepted as Tips | Good$ News Podcast 03-06-21

Greetings everyone, I hope you all have had a fantastic week as I have. Let’s just get right into the meat of this announcement today.

First and foremost, I want to thank Coinbase Commerce for accepting Good News Coin as a validated commerce partner. This has opened up opportunities for fundraising, marketing and onboarding existing crypto users to Fuse Network for a fraction of the cost of a bridge fee. One thing I wanted to note to those of you wondering why there is a price discrepancy on the Commerce platform as compared to Fuse Swap. I think that is a valid concern and I hope to dissuade any negative feelings this may have evoked.

Here are the reasons. First of all, we are trying to raise funds at the moment to be able to pay a web developer to enable us to move to our next stage where we can start to onboard other crypto communities into ours by having a cross-token platform built. So a portion of these sales is set aside to hiring a developer or programmer to make some of our ideas and dreams into reality. 


Secondly, and some may say less impactful in the overall conversation is that the .008 price per GNC through Coinbase is actually still below our token target price or TTP that you may have seen in other GNC documentation. The short and sweet explanation is that; GNC is aiming to be a Fuse Market Index coin with proportional holdings of Liquidity to outperform the other tokens on the platform, consistently and perpetually. This isn’t saying, you will always make money holding GNC, that would be crazy, what it is saying is that based on specific formulations and analysis, GNC will outperform other coins on the platform. Yesterday’s TTP was 0.01132, meaning that once GNC reaches that point, it will consistently outperform the other two major tokens it is hedged against, GoodDollar and Fuse. In order for the coin to reach that price and that to some extent we can just let the math do the brunt of the work, we need to raise the price by buying GNC back off the market.

We are currently doing that through many of our community member’s daily allocation from the GoodDollar UBI program. We are effectively growing something with the money given out by GoodDollar, if that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is. Some members have also been staking on the Fuse Network in their Rewards programs that are paying out extremely high returns. What are these members doing with their Fuse Rewards? Buying GNC from the market to raise the price! We are effectively doing exactly what needs to happen, but in order for this to really take off, we need more money to be put into these rewards programs, both so that we can grow the entire platform, but also so that we can distribute something of value to the people we eventually end up targeting as our GNC Rewards partners.

In the future when we contact an influencer or content creator, especially outside of the crypto space, we want to be able to say, “Here is a wallet app, and a creator dashboard, all you need to do is put the QR code on your site to accept donations from a community who has built up value to the point where it may make in impact in you, the creators, life.”

We want our coins to have value, be widely available and tradable, have a social message tied to them of “communities building communities” and most importantly, bring people the message that the banks and established financial institutions and corporate behemoths do not have your best intentions in mind, and the only way to fight back is through the power of communities. 


So, I apologize if the high price on the Coinbase site offended you. I really truly am, that is never my intent to make it seem like we are asking for money and not showing you why. That was a complete oversight on my part, and in saying that I am asking for your guys’ forgiveness. I will try better in the future to make sure that everything we do is clear, and the reasons and intentions are clear. 


If you wish to support this vision I have laid out above, and trust me there’s a lot more I cant wait to share, then please consider supporting the project by using your existing mainnet cryptocurrency and buying GNC on Coinbase Commerce. If that is something you don’t feel comfortable with, considering swapping your daily G$ for GNC either through our donation contract which gets updated by TTP prices so the right decision on “buy or add LP” is always considered. Or through normal fuseswap. Every transaction helps! 

I am personally putting in all of my personal Fuse Staking Rewards into this from now until I run out of Fuse on the network and need to buy more, which hopefully is a long long time from now. But anyway that’s the first thing I wanted to talk about because I know some people got confused or offended and I just wanted to clear the air. 


Alright, let’s get to some good news! Today I am announcing that GNC on Fuse is hiring again. We are looking for someone with experience in the web dev or app dev space. We are especially interested in speaking with you if you have existing knowledge of ERC 20 smart contracts and working with Solidity. Because unfortunately, that, is something I have yet to learn. 


I will post the Google Form Application with all the details we have at this time. It will be the top Link in today’s description. 


And finally, One announcement that is a little weird but something I thought would be worth sharing is that all of my channels on Twitter, Youtube and Reddit can now accept BAT Basic Attention Tokens earned from the Brave Browser. I wasn’t convinced to leave Chrome until this week. I saw an article on Publish0x and was convinced that this is something that aligns with my worldview and so I should support it in both speech, but use.


So from this day forward, I am going to try to de-Google my life as much as possible. I think Forms are one of the best, most trusted ways to get information right now, so I don’t think my use of that suite will change any time soon, but I have switched to Brave Browser, the podcast is now also being uploaded on Odysee and I think its just something we should all consider every now and then. Just being careful to not have all of your resources in one basket is true in investing, but also in life and business.

I remember earlier last year when Google had that blackout for 8 hours. At the time it was annoying, I couldn’t get on Youtube and my email was down, but as I have been getting more and more into content creation and research for school and just everything in my life had become centred on Google as a company. So, I just figured that for my sanity in the case of another catastrophe that almost happened last year, I want to decentralize some of my attention. I hope that wasn’t too weird, but hey you can tip me in BAT now, and that money will go directly into funding GNC and GNC-related projects. 


Alright folks, thanks for watching or reading, be sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel. Be sure to come back next time for another episode of, the Good$ News Podcast.



GNC JOB FORM: https://forms.gle/JaZd2cJ9TN1qbY7BA


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