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GoodDollar (FUSE) News & Show Notes from the Good$ News Podcast | 2-11-21

GoodDollar hits All-Time High, Fuse on Orion & $ORN, FuseDollar?!? | Good$ News 2-11-21


Hello, Hello, Hello! Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, this is your daily dose of GoodDollar News brought to you by me, your host and fellow Basic Income lover Micah Dewey. 


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Most of the listeners of this show will know what GoodDollar is, but if you are unaware and are discovering this for the first time here’s the TLDR of the coin. GoodDollar is a digital coin and wallet that allows you to receive a FREE daily digital basic income with real monetary value straight to your phone! This cryptocurrency is reserve backed and individual investments enable the minting of new G$. The coins can be exchanged using the Fuseswap bridge protocol. And from there, withdrawal into your favourite exchange or preferred fiat currency is a breeze. 


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And now it's time for the Financial Data from the previous 24 hours. These details can be found at info.fuseswap.com and once you are on the site just select good dollar from the list of swappable coins and tokens.

-BOOM!!!! Audio effect!!!-

WE HIT AN ALL-TIME HIGH TODAY!!!! GoodDollar on Fuse Swap hit a high of 0.000227 USD for a new all-time high. The price of GoodDollar rose up to 0.000227 at 0630 CST from 0.000182 yesterday for a total percentage gain of 18.37%. Liquidity rose ever closer to $9,000 USD. We ended the day with a total of $8,803 up 8.69% from Tuesday’s total of $8,164. As far as volume was concerned we had an explosion of activity for a grand total of $1,840 which was a 406% increase from Wednesday’s total tally of $323.27. Total transactions also skyrocketed as we saw a 203% increase from the previous 24 hours.

The price for the Fuse token at 0630 CST was 0.093643 down 0.46% from yesterday the 10th of February. 

So, GoodDollar broke the .0002 mark that it has been flirting with all week. Now we have to reconsider resistances and volatility heading into the weekend. With big announcements coming from Fuse yesterday, the referral system backed by eToro for a Million new GoodDollar users and provided liquidity headed down the road towards a 5 figure total, I would say this might be the best day GoodDollar has had. I’m not trying to sound like a broken record but we have had ATH after ATH crushed in the past week, GoodDollar is just consistently having consecutive positive financial days and the statistical indicators are intriguing. I just feel like a whole new universe is about to be introduced to gooddollar over the next few weeks and months. The vision of the project is growing and growing, and eventually, this small ripple in the ocean will be a tsunami. At this point, I just see it as a waiting game. The value is coming, just be patient. 

Now let's see how GoodDollar fared against fuseswap's supported stablecoins as compared to the day prior. 

G$/DAI G$3,038 from $5,214 yesterday

G$/USDC G$4,504 from $5,411 yesterday 

G$/Tether G$4,797 from $5,574 yesterday

This gives us an average of G$/USD G$4,113 from G$5,399 yesterday gaining a total of 23.81% in value versus stable coins. 

If you have any topics you would like to see discussed or any types of videos you would like to see let me know in the comments down below. I read every comment on these videos and will reply. Don't think I won't do it. ;) 

We are also going to be keeping an eye on the ranking for both Fuse and GoodDollar on dApp’s Radar interface. As of recording, GoodDollar sits ranked at #603 down from #537 overall, and Fuse Network is at #504 up from #738 yesterday. To help influence these rankings, and get GoodDollar and Fuse to the top, make sure to post on Twitter or Facebook about gooddollar and fuse using the hashtag #gooddollar and mentioning @gooddollarorg & @fuse_network  

Now let’s take a look at the blog post released yesterday by the fuse team. Yesterday they announced that Fuse will be partnering with the Orion Protocol and the ORN token in order to open up 16 new revenue streams to Fuse/Fuse Blockchain token users. They are very focused on sustainable growth and this decision to join with another up and coming platform with a lot of potential really opens the door to endless possibilities.

Using Orion Protocol will add the ability to aggregate the liquidity of every crypto exchange into one decentralized platform. By joining forces, Orion provides a decentralized gateway to the entire market. As I am writing this, ORN is currently trading at $6.22 USD and will be added to FuseSwap as an additional token to add local liquidity. For reference, ORN currently sits ranked at #267 on CoinMarketCap with a current market cap of $104.6 Million USD. This is probably the biggest partner for the Fuse Blockchain to date, as far as value is concerned.

I will be interested to see how many more users and capital are put into the Fuse ecosystem as a result of this partnership. The stats from the official GoodDollar Dashboard are starting to show growth both in daily users, but also in total transactions off FuseSwap. These can be claims, purchases, trades, whatever, the point is that more people are using GoodDollars, more people are claiming GoodDollars and of course with that comes the value increases that we have been seeing the past several days. 

One other really important thing that was mentioned in the blog post was the incarnation of FuseDollar. Remember a few days ago when I briefly touched on the idea of Fuse offering a way for users to directly withdraw into fiat? This may be that method. The article only mentions FuseDollar once, which is disappointing, but also there doesn’t appear to be any other public information released regarding the upcoming stable coin offering by Fuse as part of their extended FuseX Suite of applications and DeFi utilities except one mention of it in their 2021 Roadmap. This is what they said in that post back in January regarding FuseX, quote : “FuseX is an early-stage concept designed to further increase FUSE token sink. Extensive research around the solutions that we plan to launch as part of the FuseX product suite is already underway.

These include:

  • Native Fuse Network stable coins — FuseDollar, FuseEuro & FusePound. An asset-backed token issuance tool that combines functionalities in the Studio and FuseSwap, allowing for immediate price discovery for projects launched on the platform.
  • Brand new AMM functionality that increases the value of a community token as more payments are made by said community.

So, we know that they are planning a way for people to hold stablecoins, Fuse based Stablecoins in their Fuse network wallets, but what we do not know is whether that decision to back additional coins is the first step towards having the ability to directly cash out. 

I know I have talked about this in the past, but this functionality could quite literally be a deal-breaker for many businesses, corporations or non-profits. The ability for an organization to create a wallet, accept payment in your preferred currency, and easily transfers funds to their organization’s accounts would open up so many opportunities for expanding where and with whom you can trade Fuse, GoodDollars or any other community token to. I want to be able to tell a local business, “look, you can accept this currency, easily swap to Dollars and withdraw for less than the credit card transactions cost.” This, I don’t know vision? Is something I really would like to see happen, and the sooner FuseX is released, the sooner we can see the momentum go exponential. 

Alright folks, thank you for watching or listening. Be sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another episode of the Good$ News Podcast!


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Fuse 2021 Roadmap: https://medium.com/fusenet/fuses-2021-road-map-4390392c14e4


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The Good$ News Podcast with Micah Dewey
The Good$ News Podcast with Micah Dewey

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