BREAKING: GoodDollar’s First NFT on AtomicHub + Top 3 on! | Good$ News 2-13-21

BREAKING: GoodDollar’s First NFT on AtomicHub + Top 3 on! | Good$ News 2-13-21


Hello, Hello, Hello! Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, this is your daily dose of GoodDollar News brought to you by me, your host and fellow Basic Income lover Micah Dewey. 


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The announcements for the day are going to be brief. I am currently running another questionnaire and GoodDollar giveaway with 250 Subscribers being the goal. Once we hit 250, G$2,500 will be awarded to one subscriber who fills out the survey. The winner will be announced the day after I reach 250 subs. Comment of the Week on Youtube is a new ongoing community activity and the Winner will be announced on Sunday. G$500 will be awarded to the winner of Comment of the Week. 



And now it's time for the Financial Data from the previous 24 hours. These details can be found over at Once you are on the site, just select GoodDollar from the list of swappable coins and tokens.

The price of GoodDollar fell from 0.000348 back to 0.000243 by 0730 CST for a total percentage loss of 30.68%. Liquidity ended at $10,004 down 16.54% from Friday’s total of $11,931. The volume also saw a decline down to $4,111 for a change of negative 46.34% from yesterday's total of $7,509. Despite the heavy losses, the volume total was the second highest of all time and the price simply went back down to where it “should be” for this stage of the project. We ended the period with a 40.63% decrease in the total number of transactions in the previous day. 

The price for the Fuse token at 0730 CST was 0.1277 up 2.08% from yesterday’s price of 0.1251 on the 12th of February. 

Fuse kept up its streak of consecutive days in the green and GoodDollar finally saw an end to the momentum from this last week’s influx of new users. Like I said yesterday, a price of 0.000250 on Monday morning would be expected and anything above 0.0003 would be higher than the usual statistical probability. The transaction decrease is often a sign of things to come over the next few days so the best way to avoid the momentum drop would be to make a big announcement. Which is coming later in the show. ;) 

Now let's see how GoodDollar fared against FuseSwap's supported stablecoins as compared to the day prior. 

G$/DAI G$4,798 from G$2,885 yesterday

G$/USDC G$4,062 from G$3,127 yesterday 

G$/Tether G$4,192 from G$2,835 yesterday

This gives us an average of G$/USD at G$4,360 from G$2,949 yesterday losing a total of 32.36% in value versus stable coins. One other comparison that I think could be interesting to track going into the future is the G$/FUSE pairing. One reason why I think it could be a good indicator is that it will show and represent the trading parity and the true value increases against each other. Basically, this ratio determines how well G$ is doing in comparison to FUSE and it also represents the real financial health of the blockchain as these two tokens are the two native to the Fuse Blockchain. So for today, GoodDollar was trading at 409.09 G$/Fuse and since this is the first day of tracking it will also not have a percentage change associated with today.  

If you have any topics you would like to see discussed or any types of videos you would like to see let me know in the comments down below. I read every comment on these videos and will reply. Don't think I won't do it. ;) 

-dApp Radar Watch!


I have also been keeping an eye on the ranking for both Fuse and GoodDollar on dApp’s Radar interface. As of recording, GoodDollar sits ranked at #539 up from #603 overall, and Fuse Network is at # up from #504 previously. I am still trying to figure out what causes this amount of movement in ranking from day-to-day. As far as Daily Users are concerned GoodDollar is now ranked #3 Overall on with 43,690 users just behind Chai on Terra with 58,230 users and Zethyr Exchange with 83,770. This is fantastic and I can't wait for us to take that #2 spot from Chai and finally that #1 spot and the crown of most daily users in DeFi.


Common | Solidarity G$ NFT (Feb 2021)


Rare | Solidarity G$ NFT (Feb 2021)


Epic | Solidarity G$ NFT (Feb 2021)

So now that GoodDollar and Fuse are starting to take off, along with this podcast and all associated infomation around it I wanted to do something for the GoodDollar community and most importantly the viewers, listeners and readers of my content. Today I am proud to announce the first set of GoodDollar themed NFT tokens on Atomic Hub. Atomic Hub uses the Wax cloud wallet and can hold NFTs from all sorts of projects. 

Here is how this is going to work. The first run of GoodDollar NFTs has a total mint of 1,028, with three reserved for me. So the other 1,025 are first come first serve, once the free ones are gone the only way to get them will be to trade with other community members or buy them directly from someone on AtomicHub.

To claim your Solidarity Line of Good Dollar NFT’s all you have to do is comment on this video with a copy of your wax address. It should end in .wam. You can also request a trade directly on AtomicHub with me for the commons, or you can purchase from my listings on the site if you wish to support the show, or have a chance at one of the 25 rare versions, or the 3 Epic versions. 

I will plan on releasing these once a month and for special occasions like reaching a certain channel milestone or GoodDollar hitting a certain price. If you wish to purchase these with GoodDollar instead of Wax, check out my listing on or on the Facebook marketplace, both of which will be in the description down below, and send me a message or purchase request.

Purchase Requests will be done at random with the commons weighted higher than the rares and epics. I also wanted the rares and epics to really feel special so they are very limited. The total mintage on rares for this line is 25, and they can be purchased directly for 250 Wax or 50,000 G$ or a combination of the two. Epics have a print run of 3 and one is listed for direct purchase for 2500 Wax or G$ 500,000. If you want a chance at the rares and epics without spending that much you can also buy a random NFT at G$ 500. Which version you get will be determined by a random number generator between 1 and 1,025. Rares have approximately a 2% drop chance being numbers 1000-1024 in the RNG sim. Epics have an extremely low drop chance due to the low print run. To win an epic you have to roll a 1 or 1025. This puts it at right about 0.2% to hit an epic. 

If you wish to simply claim a common GoodDollar NFT just comment with your WAX address, be subscribed and follow me wherever you are taking in the Good$ News Podcast content. Or you can send me a DM on Twitter or telegram.

I am so excited about launching this project, I really hope that you all enjoy it and are prepared for even more in-depth Good Dollar NFT releases. 

Alright folks, thank you for watching or listening. Be sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another episode of the Good$ News Podcast!


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Good$ News Podcast is a daily Breaking News and Financial podcast related to the cryptocurrency GoodDollar based on the Fuse Blockchain. These episodes are designed to be a bite-sized analysis of GoodDollar’s daily financial statistics and any other GoodDollar related News or Rumors.

Disclaimer: I am not employed by the GoodDollar Organization or eToro, GoodDollar’s executor. This is not meant to be financial advice. I am not a licenced financial advisor nor am I an expert. I am still learning about Crypto and in some situations, I may be incorrect, and if I am, I’m sure I will hear about it in the comments section. This show is meant to be informational and entertainment, NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.    


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