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By Chupitorras | The Golden Boy | 6 Feb 2022

Recently I've been investigating a website dedicated exclusively to play to earn games. But it's not just any site, it's an excellent website where you can consult more than 900 games with their respective projects. Not all of them are available to play because some are still under development, however, this page lists them and tells you the status and many others things in order to follow these projects with the most relevant data. Let's talk a little bit about it.

The first thing we have at the top of the main page are the menu panels with the different sections. But the most relevant is a little bit further down. There we have 3 sections with the most trending games right now and those whose token has risen the most in the last hours, besides the airdrops that are currently being carried and those to come. Only with this we have two good guides when it comes to investing in this kind of market.

However, this is not the main function of the page, i personally think its most relevant function is to incorporate a search engine in which are listed those more than 900 games whose filters are quite useful and complete. Here you can filter by genre (almost 50 different genres), blockchain, platform, whether it is free to play or not and even the status of the project, that means, if it has already been released and is playable, if it is in development, beta, pre-sale, canceled, etc...

One of the most significant gauges is the impact the game is having on social networks during the last 24 hours or a graph over the last week. Crucial data to start knowing if the project is having an impact and people are talking about it, which would be a good sign when it comes to investing.

We also have through the menus at the top of the page the section and subsections related to the tokens of the games. From here we can see a list and their value in the market as well as other data such as their market capitalization and price fluctuations in the last hour, day or week.

This page offers many other features such as a rewards section of the page where you can vote for your favorite projects. Also has tournaments (currently there is a Gods Unchained game tournament with a prize pool of $10,000) as well as another section with general statistics of the NFT games market.

In conclusion after having used it for a few days my personal opinion is that it's an extremely useful and essential website when you're thinking about starting to play a game in which one you have to make an investment. Every time we have to invest in something it's best for us to have the more information the better and in this page we have a lot of info when evaluating a project although obviously we must also investigate from other sources.

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