Hotels HACKED! The company building high tech, blockchain powered, sustainable hotels - costing less to operate, and a lot less to rent!

Have you ever imagined a scenario where you can live affordably all year-round in a hotel beachfront resort?

Innovasis Hotels is that place. It’s the amazing new hotel project that is revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Not only in terms of affordable lodging, but also in terms of technology, sustainability, productivity and offering unbeatable fun experiences. Big hotel chains should be afraid. Millenials that are business and tech savvy are about to disrupt the hospitality market.

Innovasis Hotels is the world's first 100% self-sustainable hotel resort. It is completely powered by solar panels and produces its own water that is also processed and re-used. You can even recycle your trash to receive some extra cash using their waste management system. Furthermore, the hotels are fully equipped with modular farms that allows for enough production of food to feed 350 people per day. Through this smart implementation of technology like solar panels, zero waste water systems and advanced data management which drastically lowers operating costs, they’ll be able to offer customers surprisingly affordable prices.

The hotels are built using rapid, scalable, modular construction that is extremely durable and protected against the elements and natural disasters. This makes it possible for the hotel to decrease building time by 50% and provide safe and innovative lodging solutions for guests. No boring concrete facilities here, instead they will use innovative world class construction made from containers. With the first hotel about to be built on Puerto Rico, Innovasis Hotels already have two other resorts in the pipeline for other beautiful locations to be announced at a later date. Additionally, but we are also planning on building urban hotels that offer the same affordable rates and fantastic innovative experience for big city travelers.

Guests are never bored while visiting an Innovasis Hotel.

One of the key aspects of Innovasis hotel resorts is the Playnovate fun parks that will keep guests highly entertained during their stay. This includes things like a giant slip-and-fly, electric jet skis, underwater scooter rentals, VR rooms and much more. For those who like to keep productive and stay up to date with business, the hotels have fully equipped co-working spaces where guests can work undisturbed or network with others. Free open space, breakout rooms for privacy and affordable conference/meeting rooms make this the perfect place to host startup conferences and meetups. It is truly a unique and inspiring place to visit and one that nobody will want to leave. You won’t even have to. The hotel offers four types of accommodation with the cheapest starting from $35 per night, which is something unheard of when staying at beachfront resorts in prime locations around the world. The hotels are a paradise for digital nomads and millennials, a place where staying with us is guaranteed not to break the bank. It is a place where technology is on the forefront, evident by the hotels own cryptocurrency Hotel Coin (HCI) and the welcome acceptance of others like it. Guests will be able to pay for everything in the hotel using the HCI utility token, powered by the Ethereum network and smart contracts. They’re a future-minded company, and are making decisions that will have the best impact on environment and guest experiences alike.

Taking care of the community.

Innovasis Hotels is truly mindful of the local community, not only in terms of leaving a small footprint on the beautiful land they plan to occupy, but also in how they will interact with the locals. The hotels are a place of meetups where once a week the entire community is invited for a large and well promoted farmers market to sell their items. Locals can sell their food, fruits, vegetables or even art, creating a good source of income and a great opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the local culture. They even plan to have cooking classes where guests can sample amazing food and learn how to make it themselves. By also offering classes where everyone can learn about things like modular farming hydroponics, solar technology and robotics, the goal is to be a place of education for all. Innovasis Hotels is a force for good that is accepted with open arms by the community and government where they plan to operate. They will even establish a medical center, and doctors are invited to stay for free at the hotels in exchange for providing medical and dental care to the community and guests.

Their goal is to revolutionize the hospitality industry and create a place where guests of all types can experience marvelous locations for an affordable price. Knowing how unreasonably expensive most hotel resorts are in prime locations, they want to offer a break from the status quo. You’re invited to learn more about Innovasis Hotels by visiting their website and subscribing to their newsletter. This will keep you updated with the progress they’re making, and you will be the first to know when the hotel is ready to accept bookings.  Innovasis is promising - “You’ve never seen a hotel like this before!”.

Visit today and get ready for the future.


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