For the first time ever - highly anticipated TuneTrade platform makes their tokens available to the public FOR 2 HOURS ONLY!

TuneTrade has been called "The Cryptocurrency Industry’s Biggest Disrupter Of 2019" for one main reason - the amount of power they're putting into the hands of the public. That is, giving anyone the ability to create their own cryptocurrency - a real ERC20 token fully controlled by the person who created it.


Calling this project “highly anticipated” isn’t an exaggeration, it may even be an understatement. If you’ve been among the thousands following TuneTrade’s progress, here’s the latest:

● Scored 4.43 (out of 5.0) on ICOHolder!

● Scored 9.1 (out of 10) on ICOMarks!

● Updated & expanded Whitepaper just released!

● TuneTrade’s Telegram Community soon to break 90,000 members!

● TuneTrade’s Korean Telegram channel just broke 11,000 members.

● Featured in over 100+ publications from mainstream, to crypto news.

● Now the first ever token sale for the TuneTrade TXT token has been announced!

TuneTrade has had over 60,000 people participate in beta testing or social media sharing to earn the only tokens that have been released thus far.


The TuneTrade platform is near complete, built without ever seeking funds from the public.

The upcoming token sale is NOT an ICO - which is why it will last only 1 hour per day, for 2 days only! (details below).  This is a chance to give those who have been following the project the first shot at acquiring tokens before launch and tokens hitting the open market.


People expect TuneTrade to instantly become a vital part of the crypto-economy, because it addresses and solves real challenges more and more people are facing as the popularity of cryptocurrencies grow.

Token creation currently requires at least a basic understanding of coding such as functions, variables, and standards.  If you have no idea what any of that is, your dreams of creating a cryptocurrency would now be on hold while you learn, or hire someone to do it for you.

With TuneTrade, that process is reduced to filling out a form with the specifics - the coins name, how many to mint now, how many will ever exist, etc - then just let TuneTrade work its magic.  Seconds later, it's done - you’ve created a cryptocurrency.

But it doesn't stop there - TuneTrade is a suite of services that address the entire process of a token launch!

Once your coin is created, typically the most challenging part is getting it listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.  Consider that solved as well, because TuneTrade then allows users to list their newly created token on their integrated exchange.

Of course, you can choose to hold off on the exchange listing and conduct your own ICO instead. When complete, use TuneTrade's integrated management tools to mass-distribute the tokens to dozens or hundreds of investor addresses at once.

Currently, this process requires both technical experts, and a sizeable budget.  The exchange listing process alone is a $6,000 to $30,000 expense - and that's for the smaller exchanges a token typically needs to start on before the larger exchanges will even consider listing it.

$5 and no coding knowledge needed - that's token creation, and getting an exchange listing -  in a world with TuneTrade!


TXT is required to fund the token’s creation, and is the first pairing for every token listed on the exchange, that means people may purchase any cryptocurrency listed on the TuneTrade exchange - and they’ll have to use TXT to do it.

It’s no surprise that the public has been jumping at every chance they've had to get their hands on the few TXT tokens released so far - only small airdrop giveaways for helping beta test the platform, or sharing the project on social media.

But none have been sold to the public - until now.

After months of telling countless people 'soon' - it's finally here, the first TXT token sale!

If you want to be one of the lucky few to have the TXT token in your wallet before the platform fully launches, there will be 2 small 1-hour windows to act.

The IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is being presented by IDAX with the first 1-hour sale window opening April 29th at 10:18 (UTC+8) - convert this to your local time zone here.

The second 1-hour sale window will open at the same time on the following day, April 30th 10:18(UTC+8)


1) Make sure you're registered for an IDAX account at

2) During the sale times, visit the IDAX Foundation page

Additional information:

Read the TuneTrade Whitepaper.

Visit TuneTrade at

Questions? Talk to the TuneTrade team on Discord.

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