Harcourt Ciders Arrive!

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I think I will always prefer ciders over beers... sure, there are a few beers that I like, but for some reason... I really like the apple or pear ciders. Unfortunately, there are too many ciders out there that are either just too sweet or very watery in taste. I have tried a few of the local ones, and there has been a couple that I have enjoyed... but when I visited my brother down in Victoria, they served up this great cider from their collection of beers and drinks.

Now, it took a little bit longer than expected due to a processing glitch where our order was overlooked and never ended up shipping... but a quick phone call, and the case was on its way. Now, when I'm first ordering from a new place... I will like to try and order a taster of as many things as possible... just to try out as many things as possible in preparation for the next order!

So, I had seen that you could order 15 500ml (0.5L, or 34875 bee-mouthfuls for Americans... ) bottles... and you could either have a full order of 15 of one type... or you could have this mixed trio of pear, apple, and dry apple! So, that was the one for me!

Half a litre is a bit much for our household... my wife and I aren't big drinkers... and we often just share a can of beer for dinner... but these will be decent for when we have visitors. Or I might just learn to drink a little bit more!


Harcourt Ciders Arrive!.jpg


Now, there were a whole assortment of other apple related products, including vinegars and such things... but the thing that caught my eye was the apple liqueur, Pommeau, that they had on offer. I had several really nice bottles of this stuff from the French apple region of Normandy when I was living in Europe, but given the restrictions on importing alcohol into Australia, I had to leave it all behind...

... so, to find a local version of it... and it was the first bottle that I cracked open upon the delivery of this package... yep, its good! Nice and smooth...

... and as a bonus, my wife uses it in apple pies as well! So, I can pretend that it was a multi-use purchase, and not just a treat for myself!


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The Glamorous Life of a Musician!

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