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By Pantera1 | The Future of Finance | 11 Dec 2023


If you want to learn the news that matters, the inconvenient truth, and the real objectives of the disruptive cryptocurrency technology, Jeremy and Jett from the Bitcoin Cash Podcast are live streaming every week on Twitch, offering insightful discussions with guests from the Bitcoin Cash community and beyond.

Whether you are a Bitcoin Cash enthusiast or simply curious about the broader crypto space, you’ll find knowledge and valuable information here.

With past guests including prominent figures like Roger VerPaul Sztorc, and Marc De Mesel, the Bitcoin Cash Podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking a greater understanding of the history, news, and intentions of the broader Bitcoin space.

So why not tune in and expand your knowledge?


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The Show


Jeremy and Jett usually go live on Twitch every week, however, the Bitcoin Cash Podcast also uploads the show later on YouTube, along with several short clips for his 1,730 YouTube subscribers.

The show has been running for almost two years (since early 2021), and it has been gaining momentum, with Jeremy slowly evolving into a credible crypto “thought leader” and well-respected character in the broader crypto field.

For example, here is a Tweet where Vitalik responded to @TheBCHpodcast and praised the current Bitcoin Cash culture:


It shouldn’t surprise us if we see Vitalik one day on the show!

Additionally, the Bitcoin Cash Podcast has recently received sponsorship from General Protocols and funding via Flipstarter campaigns (the decentralized crowdfunding service).

This is great news for fans of the podcast, as it suggests that the show will continue to be around for many years to come.

It is also worth mentioning that the podcast has recently surpassed 20,000 downloads on RSS, which is a fantastic milestone and a testament to its growing popularity.



The website of the Bitcoin Cash Podcast is a valuable source of information on Bitcoin tech and Bitcoin Cash and explains Bitcoin concepts beginners and more advanced users seek in detail.


The website contains a series of articles on Bitcoin Cash and the conditions that led to the 2017 Bitcoin community split, which created two different versions of Bitcoin (BTC and BCH).

On the website, we also find comprehensive lists of Bitcoin Cash services and wallets, information on various BCH-related developments, and descriptions and links for each Podcast episode and stats.

Selene Wallet

Jeremy and Kallisti have developed the Selene Wallet, a cutting-edge mobile wallet that showcases the full potential of Bitcoin Cash.

Selene is regarded as the fastest wallet in its category.

Read more about the Selene Wallet:

In Conclusion

Are you interested in keeping up with the latest news and developments in the world of Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrency?

Look no further than the Bitcoin Cash Podcast.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin Cash Podcast is a great resource to consider.

The podcast offers an informative and fun experience every week, making it an ideal choice for beginners and anyone looking to delve deeper into this domain.

The show covers the origins, purpose, and other important aspects of Bitcoin Cash, and offers insights into the community’s adherence to Satoshi’s whitepaper and the original intention of P2P Electronic Cash.

To stay up-to-date with the latest episodes, be sure to follow The Bitcoin Cash Podcast:

BCH Gang!


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The Future of Finance
The Future of Finance


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