Bangkok, Thailand - A Bitcoin Cash City

By Pantera1 | The Future of Finance | 6 May 2021

It is happening. Bitcoin Cash merchant adoption in physical urban and rural locations is present. It will be only a matter of time before Bitcoin Cash takes over the world. While there are initiatives in various cities, for this post I focus on Bangkok. The reason is the tourism industry, and the millions of foreign travelers this city accommodate each year.


Thailand Embraces Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin Cash is expanding in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is one of the top tourism destinations, that attracts close to 25 million tourists each year.

With Cryptocurrency payments, the tourist will not require foreign exchange. The payments will be in Bitcoin Cash instantly and with almost zero fees.

The potential for high-level market penetration in Bangkok is huge, since the foundations are set with an increasing number of merchants adopting Bitcoin Cash.

Anyone traveling will prefer to just use their mobile phones and pay using Bitcoin Cash, as it will be cheaper and easier than any other method.

Bangkok and more cities where Bitcoin Cash is enjoying increasing adoption by merchants can become the sinning examples, and then all the rest of tourist destinations will follow all over the world.

Map of Bitcoin Cash merchant adoption in Bangkok


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But let's hear it from a native Bangkok merchant:

See how happy this merchant is to accept Bitcoin Cash? This is a natural reaction every merchant and consumer has. Since we have Bitcoin Cash and a network of merchants ready to accept, we don't need to bother with fiat currencies, foreign exchange rates, and fees.

Merchants instantly receive their money and can liquidate to fiat currencies if they wish. However, this won't be long before everyone accepting Bitcoin Cash will just stick to using Bitcoin Cash without switching to fiat at all.

Bitcoin Cash is working, and merchant adoption keeps increasing.

Bitcoin Cash is better than banks

Merchants often ask me why should they adopt Bitcoin Cash as payments, since the banking system of transactions is working for them. I provide these arguments then:

  • Bitcoin Cash is instant. With the bank POS and e-commerce systems, merchants see the money in their accounts after one or two working days.
  • Bitcoin Cash is reliable. No automatic chargebacks and refunds are allowed. Any refunds or disputes are resolved by the merchant.
  • Bitcoin Cash fees are cheap. It costs less than $0.01 to cent Bitcoin Cash. The fees are on the sender side, while banks charge the receiver account.
  • Bitcoin Cash is simple and easy just like bank debit cards.
  • Bitcoin Cash is open 24/7. The banks close early and do not process account balances on holidays and weekends.
  • Bitcoin Cash is our money. Banks can limit and freeze our accounts and confiscate funds.

Bangkok Bitcoin Cash


Congratulations to this initiative in Bangkok that has been spreading awareness on Bitcoin Cash in Thailand and doing a good job in that.


Tweet Link is organizing meetups in the City and keeps onboarding new merchants. It is an initiative that educates the City and gives more value to Bitcoin Cash by onboarding merchants and explaining the merits of cryptocurrency.

Follow them to find more about merchant adoption in Bangkok:



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Tourism destinations are getting ready to open again during this summer in the northern hemisphere. It will be limited and not as massive as it was pre-covid but we expect that tourism will rise again, starting in 2021. Tourism brings people from all the world together, and Bitcoin Cash makes it easier.

Nobody wants to keep using foreign exchange offices or ATMs, and have to pay huge fees and wait in line to exchange a fiat currency in another fiat. It won't be long before we won't need to take with us any fiat currencies in our vacations and just hold the money we arranged for in our Bitcoin Cash wallets. It has already started happening in Bangkonk and more cities around the world, with Bitcoin Cash that is cheap, fast and reliable money.

But most importantly it is a better money for the local community. Anyone using Bitcoin Cash can have all these advantages because this is money for all people. Bitcoin Cash helps us escape the fiat poverty and financial insecurity.


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