what kind of blogs to post on Publish0x to earn more tips ?

By litnworld | crypto market blog | 21 Mar 2021

i am going to talk about 3 blogs that i made and how many tips and views they got.
My first blog is Do u value yourself as a person ? and onthis blog i got 26 views and and 3 cents worth of tips
My second blog  is How are we doing as a society where i got 1 cent worth of tips and 39 views .
My thirst and my last blog is Should you save your money ? where  i got 14 cent worth of tips  and 187 views.

So what does this tell us? It tells us that users on publish0x are more focused on economics  topics like crypto, bussines and other similar topics.

Please don't forget to tip as this helps me make blogs longer and more informative.

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opinionist not someone with a deegre but i know the obvious and dig a little bit deeper.

crypto market blog
crypto market blog

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