Car 2.0

By CutterMutter | The Future is here ! | 24 Apr 2020

Tesla - Elon Musk took a computer and built a car around it !

A car that is always online and gets better with time through 'on the air' software updates. No dials or buttons - just one large screen. Self driving & autonomous. A car that can go out and earn for you in it's idle time. A car that can only be ordered online - no dealer showrooms. A car that can be customized like a Subway sandwich while you are ordering it.....sounds more like science fiction than a car.

Apart from being a work of art, this all electric 'green' phenomenon just might save the environment as an aside.

And all of it for the price of a slightly high end sedan. No wonder old stalwarts like Mercedes & BMW are scratching their heads trying to catch up to the sheer technological brilliance and desirability of Tesla !

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The Future is here !
The Future is here !

People who constantly feel that they are born ahead of time are the ones who most often change the world.

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