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Coinbase Preparing for IPO

By Tank | The Future Is Digital | 9 Jul 2020

Reuters reported this morning that Coinbase is getting ready to IPO, possibly as early as this year.

The article doesn't have a lot of facts to back it up, and only specifies the source as "three people familiar with the matter".

Everyone here has heard of Coinbase. is ranked #1,431 in global engagement, and does over $330 million in trading a day.  They support 30 different coins, and have over 35 million users.  They are a popular mainstream name when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.

If Coinbase were to IPO, it would cause a lot of investors to become much more aware of the cryptocurrency movement.  Yes, everyone was paying attention at the end of 2017, but it ceased to become more than a novelty for mainstream users and investors who prefer the familiarity of the stock market.

Hopefully Coinbase will become a bridge between the stock market world and cryptocurrencies, causing investors to feel more comfortable with transitioning investment assets into crypto.

I'm feeling bullish.

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