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Bitcoin is the America of Cryptocurrency

By Tank | The Future Is Digital | 3 May 2020

Disclaimer: I'm American, and own Bitcoin.

Bitcoin with American flag superimposed

Though I live here, I hold no illusions about America.

  • We're big, brash, and, en masse, fairly idiotic.
  • We think we're the best in the world at everything, though there's plenty of evidence to the contrary in nearly every area.
  • For some reason we have an impact on everyone else because people just think we should.
  • America is behind the rest of some of the rest of the world in many areas (healthcare, gun control, digital privacy), and is also ahead of other parts of the world (I'd say democracy is better than a dictatorship).

Bitcoin is similar in many curious ways.

  • It's big, with the largest market cap of any cryptocurrency.
  • It is (for crypto) slow-moving, with very high standards for code implementation.
  • Almost all other cryptocurrencies are tied to its price.
  • It's not private, but at least it's a cryptocurrency.

I'm not anti-Bitcoin, but I think it gets more buzz than its worth when compared to other, more progressive cryptocurrencies.
I'm not anti-America, but I think it gets more buzz than its worth when the rest of the world has so much more to offer.

Just a few random Sunday thoughts that kept me up last night.

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Images provided via Unsplash by Aleksi Raisa and Jacob Morrison, edited by me.

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