The SmartBCH Tokens That I Am So Bullish About In 2022

By bmjc98 | Random Stuff & More | 5 Jan 2022

Previously, I published an article entitled My Little Investments In SmartBCH wherein I shared with you how much BCH I invested in SmartBCH and the assets that I hold. That was actually the first time I learned about the amount of BCH I spent on SmartBCH and how much I could earn if I sell them all. Upon seeing the numbers for the first time, I couldn't help but notice how SmartBCH can actually change our lives for the better, especially now that BCH is still hibernating like a baby.


You see, even with a small investment, you can still make your portfolio grow. You'll just have to invest in the right tokens that won't dump you. As someone who doesn't risk much, I rarely buy newly out tokens in the market. I only buy them after a few weeks.

Anyway, before we move on, I just want to clarify one thing as I kind of made a wrong statement when I said I had 4.19 BCH as profit from my 0.59 BCH capital in my article My Little Investments In SmartBCH. When we say profits, those are your gains after either selling your entire assets or just taking a portion of it. I just got too excited seeing those numbers that it kind of messed up my brain, which caused me from making the wrong choice of words. It should have been labeled as Estimated Profits as they are merely estimations and are not the actual profits.

Anyway, as I've said earlier, I am not a risk-taker, which explains why I'm not holding a lot of tokens even though there are so many of them in the market. Although I don't take so much risk, I'm kind of a maximalist coz I mostly spent the majority of my capital on several tokens (just two actually). I know I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket, but I just couldn't help it. And yes, these, obviously, are also the tokens that I am so bullish in 2022.


If you are a follower of me on, then you'd probably know this already. Yes, AxieBCH is the token that I am so most bullish about in 2022. If you think it has something to do with me being an AxieBCH scholar, well, you're wrong. I am simply bullish on this token because of its transparency and its use cases.

Although AxieBCH is probably one of the undervalued tokens on smartBCH, just like BCH, I know, one day, people will also see its worth. Meanwhile, while others are busy filling their bags with new baby tokens, I, on the other hand, am busy adding more AxieBCH to my portfolio while the price is still low. In fact, I completed my 100K goal in AxieBCH a day after Christmas.

Yes, I am so proud that I am holding 100k AxieBCH now and will keep adding until February 2022. After that, I will take a break first and start taking profits. In case you didn't know, AxieBCH is currently focusing on buybacks now after taking a break on onboarding more scholars to the guild and will just resume again in February. This also means that I can finally take some profits soon. A huge one for sure.


To know more about the AxieBCH token, feel free to click this link here.


Another token from the same creator of AxieBCH, GAME is the second token that I am bullish on in 2022. Just like AxieBCH, I am also holding quite a lot. Although it's not as many as AxieBCH, I am also planning to add more until I reach 100k. So far, I have 49.8K GAME in my wallet.


If you want to know more about GAME, you can do your own reading here.


I don't have many PUNKs but through earning LAW from staking them, then I could also have more profits in the long run. Unfortunately, I have sold some before just to get more BCH that I could use to buy GAME. I kind of regret that though coz I could have easily sent some BCH from my wallet to Metamask using but chose the other way around. Oh well, that won't happen again coz moving forward, I will just HODL my LAW until it is the right time to harvest.


Closing thoughts

I believe that 2022 will be a great year for many, including myself. With my 100k AxieBCH and 49.8K GAME, if their price reaches its new ATH next year, then I could gain quite a decent profit that I could cash out and spend it on for my house.

So far, I have not taken any profits from these two yet, but I will in 2022. Hopefully, these two won't take too long to reach their new ATH though. When that time comes, then I won't have to cash out so much BCH from my wallet and will just take the majority of my fundings for the house with the profits I will take from these tokens.


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