My First Writing Competition: How Did It Go?

By bmjc98 | Random Stuff & More | 12 Aug 2021

July 18, 2021, when @PVMihalache first mentioned a writing competition on p0x about SwapSpace, an instant crypto exchange aggregator that lets its customers surf through all the swap offers collected from major cryptocurrency exchanges in one place.


As someone who is more focused on read and inactive on this platform, I didn't really pay attention to what was PVM has shared about this opportunity.

PVM is the kind of person who would really encourage everyone in the club to grab every opportunity you can get, especially if it is something we can actually do. He is a great motivator to the club and very efficient in what he does.


It was on July 23 when I finally got the guts to give the writing competition a go. On that same day, I told PVM that I would try it, and so I did. It was pretty easy since the sources are available and all we need to do is write based on our opinion, experience, etc. So I started writing and finished it after how many hours.

What Is SwapSpace And Why You Should Choose It

In the said article, I just explained what SwapSpace is, what makes it special, highlight its features, and included the easy steps on how to use the exchange. Oh, I also included how excellent their affiliate program is.

The next day, I first published the article on read. Of course, it should be on read first to ensure I would get an EXC to my article. After I posted my entry, PVM read mine and made a small correction, which I am glad that he did.


I then published my article on p0x on July 24, the day before the deadline. After I posted it, I got a reply from Igor Tomic, the COO of the platform. When I saw his reply, I was like, "OMG!"


Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything at all, but I was just so happy that I finally joined my first writing competition ever. The fact that I managed to write a 7-min reading article about something else was already an achievement for me and that alone made me feel like I was an instant winner.

I already felt happy about it and also excited to join another writing competition again. I'm sure there will be more, and I can't wait to participate. Then on August 5, I got tagged by @BSzandra:


I was also tagged on Twitter by @Laurenceuuuu and, of course, PVM himself. I didn't expect that at all. My heart was jumping for joy because of that unexpected win. So I checked the P0x TG to confirm, saw the link to the article, and found my name there.


Oh yeah! Here's my first blood and definitely, not the last. And I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was happy about my first win because I had a feeling that PVM was also happy for me.


Not just PVM, but my club fam too. So yeah, after that win, it motivates me to try it again next time. I mean why not! It's just a writing competition, not some kind of a battle that I should be worried about. Lol. After all, there's no harm in trying. Win or lose, at least, you tried.


Thanks to the p0x and SwapSpace writing competition, I got to earn 0.00735200 ETH. And, of course, to PVM. Without his constant reminders on our TG channel, I couldn't find the courage to give it a go. So as usual PVM, thank you so much for everything.

And oh, this isn't the first time that I earned extra because of PVM. I also received $50 from Bityard by simply making a 1-2 min video tutorial about this cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.


So again, thank you so much, PVM, for being our great motivator. You are the best!


Closing thoughts

From now on, I'll go for the "never say never" attitude to any opportunity. Okay, depends on what opportunity we are talking about here, but if it comes to a writing competition, video tutorial, Twitter giveaway, crypto games, and airdrops and mining opportunities, I would never say never again!

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