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Everything You Need To Know About Club1BCH

By bmjc98 | Random Stuff & More | 24 Jul 2021

This article is inspired by @andrianlover's request to make a full-detailed article about the CLUB1BCH. As someone who has been on the club since day 1, let me give you a tour of what the club is all about and how awesome it is to be a part of this fam.


How it all started

Most of you are probably aware of how this club started but for the sake of the new members, let me give you a quick recap.

It was in January when @PVMihalache finally got his first full BCH and after @Eybyoung welcomed him to the club because she, too, has already reached 1 at that time, that's when the idea occurred to him to make the imaginary club official.

It was on January 13 when the once imaginary club became official, all thanks to the heart and brain of the club aka co-founders, Eyb and PVM. You can read the full details on how it all started straight from PVM's Club1BCH - The Genesis.


Just in case you didn't know, it was Eybyoung, who made this official logo for the club.

The concept

The concept is simple. The club will support each other, work together, and promote Bitcoin Cash and its vision. In short, we inspire, motivate, and support everyone who wants to aim at least 1BCH this year as well as help spread BCH awareness in our little ways to different platforms we choose.

The Circle of Support

Both worked on the concept and chose their circle of support that will spread not only spread BCH awareness but also help inspire, motivate, and support others.

PVM's councils

These are the original chosen ones that PVM trusted and have given the freedom to recommend people:

  • @tired_momma
  • @H3ruvim78
  • @Crypto_Politics
  • @Jane


  • @MoreGainStrategies
  • @CryptoWordsmith
  • @Mynima
  • @CryptoSorted


  • @bmjc98

Eybyoung's councils

Of course, the co-founder has to choose for her circle of support, too.

  • @Eirolfeam2
  • @Youngdim
  • @Ryryry143


  • @Laurenceuuu
  • @Ruffa
  • @BCH.Serg


  • @Yen
  • @Jeaneth
  • @jekai_88

From just a handful number of members, we expand and will keep expanding for more. Just so you know, to become a part of the club, you don't need 1BCH. As long as you're a true BCH enthusiast, who's willing to promote Bitcoin Cash everywhere, support the community, inspire and motivate others, then you are very much welcome to be in the club. Just contact any one of us, and we can arrange that.

Do you think you deserve to be in the club? Guess what? You can apply HERE. Just fill the Registration Form, and we'll update you as soon as possible.

Club1BCH activities

Prior to the birth of the club, PVM already conducted a quiz, which was held on the 3rd of January. The quiz was his simple way of starting the year with a bang. I was one of the lucky winners by the way and received a sponsorship from him.

The fun didn't stop there as PVM continued to surprise the community, especially after the birth of Club1BCH. Check out the list of the activities we've had:

  • February 2 - Bityard YouTube guides by #Club1BCHThis was introduced to us by PVM on the 2nd of February on our Telegram channel. It was a promotional G1veaway on Twitter by Michael Hung, Bityard Marketing Director and Co-Founder, where we need to create a video tutorial or talk about trading in general and post our entries on YouTube. Those who were qualified received $50 worth of USDT.
  • February 14 - Share BCH love this Valentine's Day!This was the event for our first monthsary. The rule for this event was simple: create a love letter, Valentine's Day card, or a meme about love and Bitcoin Cash. As usual, the entry should be posted on Twitter with the¬†hashtags #Club1BCH,¬†#LoveBCH,¬†and $BCH before the 14th of February.
  • February 20 - Club1BCH went viral!PVM had the honor to be Rob Minnick's guest as part of his project called¬†Humans of Cryptocurrency,¬†where he invites people to open discussions about humans and, of course, cryptocurrencies. You can watch the full interview here.
    In this interview, PVM was also asked about the story behind his Club1BCH shirt. Of course, he then expanded the story of how @Eybyoung created the #Club1BCH logo, why Bitcoin Cash is a great investment and explained why is such an amazing platform.
  • April - Club1BCH received OLI tokens I forgot the exact date and details about this but the Club1BCH active members were given OLI, thanks to PVM.
  • May - BCH Illustrator - NFTs for the communityThe most active members of¬†Club1BCH¬†received the Bitcoin Cash Illustrator as a gift. This amazing collection was sponsored by CoinSteps, the creator of the Happy Crypto Family.
  • May 14 - Getting To Know More With The Club FamThis was the time when I gathered the Club1BCH active fam's basic information like usernames of both platforms, birthdate, and country. The purpose of this is to get to know more of the fam and hopefully use the data in the future.
  • June 13 - #Club1BCH Euro 2020 Football Fantasy Competition!Another event where you can join a Football Fantasy Competition. The top players will be rewarded with BCH prizes. The 1st placer will be rewarded with 35% of the reward pool. The 2nd placer will receive 25%, while the 3rd placer will receive 15% of the reward pool.
  • June 23 - $1 Per Club1BCH Birthday CelebrantJust recently, the active members agreed to share $1 to every Club1BCH birthday celebrant who signed up to a Google Form I shared to the channel. However, not everyone in the club has joined as many of them are now inactive. As of now, 21 active members are committed to sharing $1 per celebrant. This is great as we have something to look forward to and something to use on our special day.
The Club1BCH celebrants

Meet the first 4 who will receive $20 each. It should be $21 but one of the fams is having a little delay so as of now, I can only send $20 straight to their wallet.

  • @PVMihalache
  • @bheng620
  • @TheCryptoGambler
  • @Mr_Trenzs


This birthday banner/card (not sure what it is called, lol) was created by ours truly @nheng1118. She will be our official birthday banner maker.


The active members

The Club1BCH has 61 members but only 32 are active based on the latest survey I made. Fifty percent of the users are from the Philippines, followed by Pakistan with 9.4%.


Perks of being a Club1BCH fam

Would you like to know the perks of being a member of the most awesome club in the community? Well, here are a few:

  • You can chat with anyone, any time of the day because of the timezone difference.
  • You'll get to earn free tokens for being active.
  • Free NFTs for being awesome.
  • You won't get zero readers in your articles because the club supports each other. Meaning, we prioritize your articles above anyone else.
  • You have instant Twitter tagging buddies.
  • You won't get zero tips and followers on your p0x.
  • You are updated with almost everything, from crypto news, g1veaways on Twitter, writing cont3sts on p0x and other platforms, and so much more.
  • Plus, at least $20 worth of BCH for your birthday.


Closing thoughts

Club1BCH is not just a club that aims to HODL 1BCH but a family of different races who support one another, laugh with each other, congratulate when one achieves a certain goal or receives huge upvotes, cheer you up when you're down, and simply being a friend you can count on.

No, we don't just focus on how to earn more BCH, but we also share personal stuff because we are not just a club, we are one big and happy family. And I am so proud to be a part of this awesome family.

Register HERE and become the newest member of the family!


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