From Park Bench to Park Ave.

" Poverty is not the lack of money, its a state of mind."

- Anonymous 

I read somewhere that poor mentality festers in the mind, and I totally believe that.  A book that totally changed my mind was Poor Dad Rich Dad. I blew my mind. To be honest I read allot as homeless cause I was afraid most of times to be in video and TV room. To many fights and these where real tough guys, not make believe like me. Anyway if you havent heard of this modern classic of finance and personal wealth building, if there is one book that clears it up and explains what to do with our money, this is it. 

Bonus points as well cause Robert Kiyosaki likens crypto and bitcoin to his generations gold, and has said, don't listen to old guys about crypto. We don't know what we are talking about. 


I also heard I think it was from Phil Towns Q&A on Youtube about Crypto, that it is a great tool for the poor. I totally believe that, crypto is created for the poor, the unbanked. Its a new playing filed. And so I am more in than most. I have gone a day at a time from the shelters to having amazed, a small savings and investment portfolio. The portfolio consists of about 60-40 % crypto to stock ratio. I use dividend investing strategy, both in stocks and in cryptocurrency.


So far my portfolio in stocks will bring me $169.14 over several online brokerage accounts, I like disruptive tech, I believe its the only chance we can catch up with the 1%. I use Robinhood



and recently added CashApp.


My crypto holdings over stable coins and dividend bringing cryptos will produce <$100. Its a start, its a start.

I use Nexo, Celsius, Dharma and Compound Protocol.

I been homeless for a number of years, suffering from lack of self confidence among other vices.

Although a middle class upbringing, good parenting and talent both academically and athletically blessed me. It was no match for some of my vices and poor mentality. I was of poverty mindset, always saying why me, instead of why not me ?

I remember being in shelter for a number of years, and I saw the same people year in and year out. I used to stay there about three to six months then I managed to hustle up enough money for a apartment or a room. I begged and tricked and worked my way into a somewhat stable financial situation. I never lacked ingenuity or drive. What I lacked what perseverance and patience. 

Either way the same people where in the shelter year after years, mocking me when I came back after another failure. I used to believe their taunts and swears. Saying "why are you even trying."

Needless to say i kept at it and luckily I was found by a group of people" my tribe". That understood me and had travelled the same path that I did. 

* Mentorship is key- I got help, day by day to change my mentality and outlook. And here I am I changed my mindset to a "can do". And a " why not me" mentality !

I havent been homeless for a number of years and I took several steps to get to where I am today.

I am on a personal journey to reinvent myself, through fitness, through finance and through spirituality.

My goal is to be financial independent and free. 

I am actually reading this great book by Tim Ferris, called the 4 Hour work week. Although he is very, very self promoting and a little too in love with himself, he does point out a great deal of good tips for living outside the beaten path. I believe we all are little chance takers and rebels in the crypto world. And so we can learn from rebels against the mainstream in all ways. I recommend it highly. 


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Swedish African personal trainer, Dad and husband (not in that order). But looking to share, explore and blog about my lifestyle and living.

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