BAT or How I learned to Appreciate Online Advertising.

By WilliamRyan | The Feedback Loop | 19 May 2020

Since the modern inception of the internet Advertising departments have been licking their lips to get information about their products into the minds of mankind. As the internet evolves the line between consumer and advertiser has become increasingly blurred. No events in modern history have captured this better than the 2016 Election and the Brexit votes where massive political upsets that barley anybody who works in political advertising thought was possible.

With the rise of ad blockers and the hundreds of ways to artificially increases view counts it has become increasingly difficult to figure out how effective advertising campaigns actually are and there is a financial incentive for Advertising firms to inflate their numbers to try and find new clients.

This is a very interesting problem that BAT helps solve. It's almost a confirmation that the advertisement reached it's targeted destination by doing a proof of view type concept as well as creating an ecosystem for people to pay directly to creators. This does create an interesting question that the price of BAT can help figure out. How much is "Attention" actually worth.

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