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WISE Presale on BSC is Wrapping Up Soon! A Quick Look at a Stability-Focused Play

By PopPopPrego | The Fascination | 7 May 2021

An interesting project is coming to the end of its presale, and it is one that I think is well worth a look from PublishOx readers.

WISE token is a project designed to create permanent, locked-in liquidity to give investors confidence that the value they are holding will be there for a long time. Steady gains is what Wise is after, which makes it hard to get attention in this moonrocket hype cycle we're in right now. 

I heard about WISE from a post by Alucard, which you can read here:

His eye for these kinds of investments and opportunities is much better than mine, and it took me quite awhile to figure out if this presale made sense to me. In the end, here are the reasons I put some of my hard-earned BNB into buying WISE.

1. I agreed with Alucard that the fact they launched and managed WISE on the ETH blockchain meant that this was a real project, launched for the reasons the developers stated. If we look at what they achieved with their launch of WISE-Eth, it is encouraging to see that they have 67,274 ETH locked in through Uniswap to provide enduring liquidity backing. In fact, the devs state that 99,95% of the liquidity is locked into unchangeable contracts on Uniswap. They also provide links for you to check yourself on Etherscan and Uniswap. 

2. The liquidity behind WISE is permanently locked in through smart contracts and burned liquidity. All of the WISE is backed, investors may buy or sell whenever they want because there will always be sufficient liquidity, and all of the fees stay in the pool, which should increase the value of WISE tokens over time. They are doing the same thing with BSC now, and have plans to launch locked-liquidity tokens on other blockchains as well. 

3. The team, including the CEO, was active on Telegram in the lead up to and in the roll out of the presale. The vibe was rational and helpful, no hype, no hard sell, just explanations of how WISE-Eth and WISE-Bsc were distinct but part of an overall plan, explanations of how claims will work after the presale, restatements of the smartcontracts, etc. They also discussed the idea of creating an index fund that will pool WISE tokens from across multiple blockchains, like WISE-Eth, WISE-Bsc, and WISE-Polkadot or Cardano or whatever else in the future. 

4. This project is designed for the long term. And by long term, I mean LONG TERM! Just look at this:


Of course if you have read any of my other posts, you know I am not an investment expert, so please do your due diligence and DYOR. I am only writing this piece because to my eyes, this is a pretty unique project with a novel way of trying to guarantee a little stability in a highly volatile space, and they have successfully launched a WISE token already. I plan to stake my WISE-Bsc...maybe not for 42 years, bit for long enough!

Please keep in mind that the goal is steady increase in assets. This is not a 100x promise, but if you are interested in stability, you can learn more here at

If you want to learn about the current WISE presale, you can find out more here: It really is as easy as connecting your wallet.


There are multiple modes of getting your WISE-Bsc depending on your budget, with rewards for each mode. There also is a meme/gif contest where you can earn money. I think that because this is their second project they really want it to go well, but because the liquidity is locked in, whatever they raise in this presale creates the foundation for future returns.

There are only a few days left, so DYOR and get moving before too long if the project looks right for you!

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