Next Hidden Gem on BSC (time sensitive)
Wise token is a new project that will work in BSC

Next Hidden Gem on BSC (time sensitive)

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 24 Apr 2021

Time in the market is the most important metric for success in crypto. Perhaps the most important thing you gain is the ability to spot frauds and recognize the good projects. The crypto community is small, and if you stick around long enough, you start to see the same folks doing the same things. Scammers will try to rebrand and scam again. People who had good projects before will probably have good projects later on.

$WISE is a project that proved itself on Ethereum Network and is coming to Binance Smart Chain in two days. In a world of speculation and promises, a project that already has a proven use case is a godsend. You can believe in it to build during bear markets, not rug you, and provide value. You can research that value and you don't have to rely on promises.

I didn't get into $WISE when it started on Ethereum. They had a bad launch, and I didn't have the cash to make mistakes. I kept an eye on the project, however. It eventually turned into one of the best interest bearing staking projects on Ethereum (think HEX).

Take a look at the chart on Coingecko. You see a steady, sideways price, which is what you want from an interest bearing staking protocol. You don't need capital gains in this token to make money. But I actually believe that the expansion to BSC will give the token more value. Launching during this dump will also help it because the price of everything is dampened right now. When things turn around, the smaller altcoins like $WISE will blast off the most.

I'm gonna try to get in on the presale, but it's not really necessary with a project like this. Even if I don't get in, I will participate. (This is definitely not what I usually do. If I don't get into a presale, I don't give a fuck about the project anymore.)

If you want to get in, join the Telegram and get familiar with the Twitter. $WISE is one of the communities that has a great Youtube presence, which is a major plus for it. There are actually several channels on Youtube dedicated to $WISE including a channel from the founder Peter.

$WISE also has a unique staking structure. You don't get in all at once — you spread your initial investment over several days. Keep that in mind.

So while the rest of the market is taking a dump and spreading it around over the weekend, the way to make money is to find good project launches. I'm willing to put my rep up for this project. I'm happy to report that people have made money from my tips in the Telegram group. I'm gonna do my best to keep bringing my readers the best!


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