The universe is in no hurry and reminds you again that you have to make moves in your life and start taking action to achieve your goals.The Fool and the 4 of Wands - 13/06/24

As we were talking about yesterday, a week of powerful quadratures. Today it is the Sun's makes quadrature with Saturn. The Sun represents what we are, the projection that we expose of ourselves and Saturn the way we function, our most limiting internal structures, it is the one that basically monitors that our world is contained so as not to overflow. The quadrature with Mercury is still present and everything happens between Gemini and Pisces, that is, communication and relationships and emotionality. Added to this is the energy of the Crescent Moon in Virgo, which leads us to plan and organize our routines to achieve our short and medium-term goals. It is time to organize our future and start taking action. The cards today remind us of all these energies again in case we haven't gotten around to it yet. The universe is in no hurry and will put everything in front of you until you realize what your path is. El Loco comes out again, as I told you, it marks new beginnings, new stages, and once again asks us to let go of what is no longer helping us and embark on the path we really want. And the 4 of Wands warns us of the possible arrival of surprises, that if we are going through difficult times, we should stop fighting and take the path we were talking about. It may also have something to do with home and family, so we will have to pay special attention to that aspect for what may come from there. Great day to take action today, Thursday, Jupiter Day, towards our most desired goals.



The Fool symbolizes new beginnings, new experiences, it symbolizes the beginning of the day. When it arises in a consultation, it usually indicates that it is time to leave behind everything that intervenes in achieving our objectives, such as fears, doubts and concerns to chart new paths. This card suggests that this new beginning be undertaken with open arms and joy.


The Fool is the first card of the Tarot (or the last, depending on the deck). It symbolizes the beginning of the day or the beginning of a new cycle. It is an optimistic Arcanum, which generally carries positive symbology.


This card has no specific place in the Tarot card sequence. It can come at the beginning of the Major Arcana or at the end. By the way, the Major Arcana is often called “the journey of the Fool.”


In the card, as well as in the symbology of zero, the Fool is the symbol of the beginning of a journey of infinite potentials, the beginning of the Hero's Journey. The Sun rising behind him represents the beginning of the journey, as he heads toward the unknown and looking toward the sky (or Spirit, or the divine, or enlightenment, or something higher).


She carries nothing but her purity, innocence and trust. His clothing shows off the colors of the four elements of the tarot, which indicates that he is in harmony and balance with everything around him. His intuition is immensely strong and he has all the support of the universe to launch himself into the unknown, all thanks to his innocence.


He seems to have all the resources he needs, but he also doesn't seem to know exactly what he has. The white rose in the left hand symbolizes innocence. The little dog will protect him throughout his journey, alerting him to dangers, but also forcing him to learn the lessons he needs along the way. The mountains represent the kingdom he has just left behind.



The 4 of Wands means that there may be good surprises on the way. If you are going through a difficult time, this Minor Arcana brings good news and indicates that problems or disturbances may soon be behind you.


The card also represents the pillars of a house, so it also speaks of domestic issues. In a more complete reading, it can be a move, buying a new property, building a house or even going on vacation or returning home. In any case, the letter announces joyful events.


The 4 of Wands symbolizes something good that has arrived or is about to arrive. Therefore, it is a letter of celebration. It can also be read as a welcome letter, either good news or for someone who is arriving. It is a letter of light, full of sun and wrapped in optimism.


In the card we see a happy couple, celebrating with flowers in their hands and crowns on their heads, a symbol of success. It represents a moment of achievement and satisfaction for having achieved a goal.


In the background, another group of people in front of a large castle, also decorated with flowers. It suggests that a celebration is taking place. Whatever it is, this Minor Arcana announces good surprises.





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