Moon in Aries looking at Taurus brings us impulses with haste. Mercury conjunction Chiron situations and like hurtful but healing conversations. Calm!! The Knight of Wands - 06/05/24



Today, the Moon is passing through Aries on its way to Taurus where the day after tomorrow it will be a New Moon. Also today, for the third and last time in the last month and a half, Mercury embraces in conjunction with Chiron, which has been felt for a few days and will continue to be very present in the next two days. With the Moon and North Node in Aries, we have a very powerful climate of initiation and momentum and the conjunction of Mercury with Chiron brings us communication about our deep wounds that can be hurtful at times but also healing. We must understand that there may be important conversations that will not leave either party indifferent. In short, they are deep wounds related to insecurities, shame, etc. that through these conversations we will face and will help us heal. Today's card, on the other hand, brings us the impulsiveness of Mars in Aries, opening the possibility of new paths, new situations, into which we will, on the one hand, want to jump headlong, but of which we must be aware beforehand. These impulses can turn out very well or bring unpleasant consequences. Therefore we will have to try to slow down a little to test our options carefully and perhaps if we are able to delay them until we enter Taurus tomorrow night with our Moon and touch down on land. This could help us avoid possible unfavorable consequences that may arise. Great start to the weeks everyone, breathing your insides calmly.


The Knight of Wands means renewed energies. A new and unexpected path may open up and the card suggests that you may want to dive headfirst into it. This card brings impulsiveness and courage to enter the unknown. It indicates that you may not yet have any idea what you will find, but that you are willing to pay to see it.


The gentleman is constantly moving and fast, so he does not miss opportunities. With so much willingness to take risks, it is advisable to act with caution, since some situations can be unpredictable, both on the positive and negative sides.


The Knight of Wands symbolizes the energy to pursue goals. In the letter, we see a young man riding his horse. He is dressed as a knight and his tunic has colors that refer to the element of fire. They are warm colors, of action and movement. He holds a wooden staff and fearlessly sets out on a mission, without stopping to reflect on what will happen, simply diving headlong into the situation.





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