Looking from your intuition we will have to face conversations about where we come from and where we want to go. Mercury and its intuitive and emotional part rule today. The Moon and the 4 of Cups - 22/06/24

After the Full Moon in Capricorn last night, today Mercury squares the North and South Nodes that are on the Aries - Libra axis. North Node is the one of evolution and the one that brings new things entering our lives. It's where we're headed. South Node, on the other hand, is what is already known, what we are releasing so that those new things can enter, the escape valve. Mercury in Cancer becomes intuitive and emotional. All our conversations are wrapped in sensitivity, empathy and the search for emotional connection. This conversation between energies connects us with what is known, with our comfort zone. It will show us again if we are where we want and need to be or if, on the contrary, we are still clinging to the old situations of possession and emotional lack that have brought us here. Time to listen to your inner self and your intuition to make decisions that continue to help us grow and expand. And so, today's cards are The Moon (how could we get another one?) and the 4 of Cups. The Moon with all its energy of Cancer and Pisces, calls us to listen to precisely the same thing as the stars, our intuition. It tells us that we will encounter hidden, mysterious situations and that we will have to let ourselves be carried away by our emotions to make the best decision. The 4 of Cups indicates the appearance of some moment of tension in which we must also work on our intuition and our inner vision to try to succeed in whatever is presented to us. Therefore, a day of movement and action from what we need to draw from within ourselves to continue expanding. Cheer up!!



When The Moon appears in a consultation, it means that it is time to follow your intuition. Indicates secrets, mysteries and illusions. If you have to make a decision and are not sure which path to take, listen to your heart.


This card is associated with the equally intuitive sign of Pisces, but also with Cancer. Pisces even likes to reflect and meditate on things and, sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where only one piece of information is needed for the decision to be the best one. When The Moon appears, it suggests that your emotions and intuition should prevail in the final decision.


It suggests that there may be more going on that we're not aware of, so, like Pisces, the best thing we can do is take a step back and go within ourselves. Seek the intuition necessary to see the situation more clearly, to discover what is missing, what is hidden. However, while secrets can be negative, this Major Arcana can have a positive reading. It's like the last piece of the puzzle is not yet available, so you have to follow your instincts to find the answers at the right time.


The Moon is Tarot card number 18 and usually represents something hidden, hidden from our perception. It also refers to our intuitive knowledge and, although it is a card that symbolizes the night, with its shadows and mysteries, it does not necessarily have a gloomy connotation.


In this card, we see a source of water. A path emerges from it, which symbolizes the journey we undertake in search of consciousness. The crab (symbolizing the sign of Cancer) emerging from the water represents the beginning of consciousness. On both sides of the road we see a wolf and a dog, which symbolize the wild side and the domesticated side of our mind. The light of the moon is dim, uncertain, and only dimly illuminates our path as we journey toward something higher.



The 4 of Cups indicates that something is not going very well. It suggests that some past or present displeasure may be interfering with your life or current situation. The moment is one of reflection, you must immerse yourself within yourself and carry out a self-analysis on the moment. Once you better understand what you feel, you will be able to feel free and regain the confidence to move forward. Just be careful not to become so absorbed in your emotional side to the point of missing out on good opportunities.


This card brings a clear message: uncross your arms and open your mind to other possibilities in the situation at hand. The answer may be around you, but you are so apathetic that you cannot see it. It also indicates tiredness, discouragement or dissatisfaction. Stagnation and doubts may not let you move forward or take advantage of opportunities that present themselves at the moment.


The 4 of Cups symbolizes the need to take a moment to think and reflect on life or the mental situation. In the letter, we see a man sitting in the grass, under a tree. A hand offers him a drink, but he is so absorbed in his thoughts that he doesn't even see it. That is, it can represent the possibilities that we lose because we are focused only on ourselves, on our problems and feelings. The man is so focused on the three cups in front of him that he does not pay attention to what is happening around him, which is why he can miss specific chances and opportunities.





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