It's time to start walking with self-love in your raised fist. You have to decide where you want to go. It's time to take care of yourself. It's time to grow and expand.The 2 of Pentacles and the 3 of Cups - 15/06/24

On the day of Saturn, we have a conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Gemini making quadrature to Saturn in Pisces. Today is the day of clarification. Suddenly all the doubts and thoughts that wandered through our minds reach an epicenter of clarity that gives us a perspective view of all those events that have been touching our souls in recent days and weeks. Moon in Libra in opposition to Neptune in Pisces shows us what the imbalances have been between what we want, our dreams and our way of feeling and relating. The light and energy of today makes the lights of the theater that we have experienced turn on and reveal everything that we felt but did not really visualize. All the challenges, disappointments, tears, and empty or full hugs appear in front of us naked to give you a clear vision of everything we have been working on. Now the universe stands in front of you to ask you: What are you going to do with all this? It is time to walk the path of love (especially one's own) and affection. The path of truth, of healing, the one that truly cares and embraces. True relationships will never lead you to abandon or reject yourself and with that in mind you must make the right decision to start the path you want for yourself. True love comes from your inner source and is what will be reflected in all your relationships, leaving behind your most limiting beliefs to give you the necessary illumination and direction for your expansion. Thus, today's cards, the 2 of Pentacles and the 3 of Cups, mark the starting point for us. The 2 of Pentacles shows us that we are facing a situation of duality that we must act on to get out of the loop and urges us to delicately make a decision that will mark us in the future. The 3 of Cups does not push us to decide from our deepest feminine energy and warns us that success and fulfillment can be just around the corner if we let ourselves be carried away by our heart, looking with a smile at everything that concerns us. diminish the desire to live fully. Thus, we must pay attention to what or who is tripping us up so that, from our deepest affection for ourselves and for others, we can take the course that our soul sets for us. May it be a great Saturday of beginnings of paths and touch-ups in our most adherent bonds. Cheers!!



The 2 of Pentacles basically means duality. You may have to find balance in a relationship, you may have to make a decision, or you may have two problems to solve. On a smaller scale, it can mean that you are involved in two tasks or decisions.

Two projects to manage, two meetings, two topics to discuss or a decision, for example.

The card carries the infinity sign, indicating that the things you resolve now will directly influence your future. Therefore, it is recommended to do everything honestly and fairly so that positive energies return to you.

The 2 of Pentacles symbolizes the juggling that we often have to do in many situations and even in life, in the midst of responsibilities, commitments and chores. In this card we see a man holding two pentagrams joined by an infinity-shaped rope, suggesting that the decisions we make now will be reflected at some point in the future.

The man seems focused on his current task, which is to juggle to not let the two coins fall. Coins that symbolize our various worldly affairs. In the background, two ships cross the turbulent sea, representing the ups and downs of our lives and the obstacles we must face throughout it.



The 3 of Cups indicates that some special event may happen. It can be in a different situation in a meeting, around the mental situation or even simple things like unusual situations with friends. Feminine energy is strong in this card, which also suggests that it is a good time for agreements, for love, and for resolving problems or tensions. Either way, good times are at stake.

The 3 of Cups symbolizes a moment of good energy. The card indicates an optimistic view of the near future, that is, something good is about to happen in general or associated with the current situation. It is a card of achievement and celebration.

In the card, we see three women dancing in a circle. They hold cups and toast, celebrating their friendship and success, represented by the laurels on their heads. The fruits scattered on the ground symbolize abundance. It suggests that the Universe may be conspiring in your favor right now, bringing victories.




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