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Splinterlands: Revisiting an Old Friend!

By bengy | The Elder Gamer | 8 Dec 2021

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It has been quite some time since I've stopped playing Splinterlands, and it is quite nice to see that a HIVE native project has been making a nice splash! This sort of thing brings more eyes to the HIVE ecosystem, and even if people aren't going to be tempted into the blogging/commenting part of HIVE, it doesn't matter! Everyone can have their own particular use case for our little corner of the cryptosphere!

Anyway, when I played Splinterlands, I really did enjoy it... however, like most online games... I started to tire of the lack of end to the game. Online multiplayer games are no longer that appealing to me, even if they are Play-to-Earn. The amount earnt (for me) wasn't enough to justify the time that I put in and so I decided that I had had enough fun and interest in the game (I had played for over two years I think... daily!)... and I decided to sell my entire collection.

Of course, in hindsight... probably should have kept them and rented it out! Oh well, you win some... and you lose some! That said, Splinterlands was one of the first decent blockchain games around... that wasn't a horrific rendition of an idle game. So, it opened my eyes to the real benefit of actual NFT ownership of cards in the game (I'm still VERY dubious about NFT art/music as it stands at the moment). Gaming NFTs actually have in-game utility... and the concept of third party markets is the best thing ever! Now, when I play a game where you don't actually own the in-game assets... well, it just feels really hollow!

With the end of my playing and the sale of my collection... I wasn't really expecting much more from the Splinterlands game. However, the SPS airdrop did take into account previous interaction with the game (good choice there!... retro rewards are really the best way to reward loyal early users! Pity that people try to Sybil these things though...). The SPS airdrops also meant that I could start to stake SPS and claim the VOUCHERS for the Chaos Legion packs! So... it turns out that my involvement with Splinterlands isn't over yet!

... and today was the day of the pack openings! I had 10 packs to open... and I will keep purchasing them when I get the required amount of VOUCHERS through SPS staking. No harm... I just used the SPS earnt from staking to purchase anyway!


Screenshot 2021-12-08 10.44.36.png


I had forgotten the fun and thrill of opening new packs! The art style is familiar... but there area few that are slightly different... I'm not an art person, so I can't really place it. But there is that sense of similar but different in the way that they are drawn. Most of the newly opened packs had Rares or Commons, so nothing that exciting in there.

It has been so long since playing that I have absolutely no idea about any of the cards or qualities anymore! It would be really handy to have a popup or mouseover that showed the backstory and attributes of the cards... but I guess that seasoned players (which I'm no longer..) don't need that stuff... on the other hand, it could be really useful for noobs!


Screenshot 2021-12-08 10.45.57.png


Ahhhh.... a single gold foil card! I remember when I used to hoard these... but in the end, these were sold off as I really preferred having the regular cards levelled up to a point of decent utility rather than a shiny gold foil. I never took part in the Gold foil only tournaments, so the Gold cards had limited or even negative utility and worth for me!


Screenshot 2021-12-08 10.47.11.png


... OMG! I will never stop getting a shiver of excitement when the card that you have clicked starts shaking and rumbling! That means that there is a Legendary card that is about to be revealed! Cool... a 0 mana card! The last time I played, there was only the Furious Chicken that was a 0 mana.... I wonder how this one will be different! Probably picks up some nice attributes as you level him up... at the starting level, it doesn't look that impressive!

Anyway... that was a nice nostalgic moment of card opening. I'll probably level up the cards where they can... and shunt the rest to the rental market. I'm not sure what I should do with the Gold and Legendary at the moment... I might list them, just to see what they are worth... but I'm in no real hurry to actually sell them!


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Splinterlands (aka the best blockchain game out there!)




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