OMG OMG I made it to Champion 1!!!!!!!

By bengy | The Elder Gamer | 31 Jul 2020



For this season on Splinterlands, I have found myself pretty close to the border of the Champion 1 Tier due to some lucky streaks which give you double points towards the rankings. Normally, I will finish relatively comfortably in the Champion 2 Tier at the end of the Season. However, this time... I found that I had hit the Champion 2 Tier with about 8 days left in the season... which meant that I had some time to possibly reach the border between the middle and upper Champion Tier.

I managed to have several runs at it in the days previously... but I had no luck. Most of the time I would come within spitting distance of the border, and then be kicked back down about 100 points by a series of defeats by opponents who were much stronger than me. One time I was just 8 points short of the Tier change, and that would have been achieved by a win.... any win! I would have taken a surrender or AFK win!

At this point, it became pretty clear that my hand wasn't powerful enough to win on merit alone... I would have to have some luck in getting a streak of wins against defeatable opponents which combined with the multiplayer would hopefully tip me over the edge.




... and last night, it finally twigged! I had a series of wins that got me up to 5 points before the borderline. So, a single win would tip me over and I could rest and bask in the glory of making it to the highest tier for the first time ever! However, I lost the next battle... at that point, I figured I would just call it a night and just give up on the idea of making the next tier...

However, out of habit, I had tapped on the button to start the next battle (you get in a rhythm with these things...)... so, I was already locked into the next battle anyway! I was 20 points down... and so, I would need a decent point win to get me above the 4700 points requirement.

.... HOLY CRAP! I WON!... and as luck would have it, I got 20 points... exactly the points required to put me EXACTLY on the border of the highest tier! I WAS CHAMPION 1!!!!!!YEAH!




Here is that final battle that tipped me over... it was a pretty close battle (like most of the battles that I was fighting in this final run....).

So, making the top Tier means that I have 150 Loot Chests to open in a bit over an hour! I always let my kids do the opening... They have their minds blown about how many Chests they will have! Their fingers are itching to tap away and see if there are any goodies for them to discover! My youngest really wants to find more Baby Unicorns....


Splinterlands (aka the best blockchain game out there!)




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