The return of the President of Mexico to his country

The last meeting between the President of Mexico and the United States did not really have any major surprises for analysts who follow these issues closely, unfortunately, already almost of mere politicking.

In his speech, the Mexican president said things that are worrying because there is a current in the economy that was already buried in time: commercialism; where it seems that his vision is still of yesteryear.

Complaining about the deficit against other countries is totally incongruous, since their daily discourse is to revile private capital, which could be the only sector of the economy to reduce the deficit of the Mexican nation, to support them in a dynamic way. Even so, it does not stop demeaning and that the businessmen do not stop being in a context of mistrust, only the visit to the United States is a merely political fulfillment. There really was nothing that stood out to give a message to investors that I will change the situation in the country.

Nobody says in this little analysis that there has been the least fruit between both nations for this visit, more political than economic progress, however, it seemed more like a small bureaucratic process than what was actually painted.

The Mexican State only gave political respect to the country of the United States, remaining only with what we already knew, a negative growth for this year of 10% plus an uncertainty on the part of investors towards Mexico. We will have to rescue the good that will come from NAFTA.

What remains to say to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador upon returning to his country is: welcome back to the nightmare.

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