Magic solutions do not exist in Economy

We must take into account that it has been a busy week, so we have to ask ourselves several questions about what the future of the economy and especially the Mexican economy will bring us.

In the first instance, unfortunately when the cultural limitation lies in the population of any country, the collective culture thinks of "magic solutions", that the government is the one who can generate wealth with a magic wand when there is nothing further from economic reality . Populist rulers and ignorant of economic matters, their function is to give the worst use to the vote from which democracy is derived.

In the specific case of Mexico, its president increasingly highlights its occurrences, disguising his visit with Trump in which investors will set their sights on the Mexican nation. You just don't see realistic solutions.

They believe that the TMEC will provide a panacea for mistrust of investments in the Mexican country. Before everything, a deep rectification in the economic orientation is required, however, it is something that the President of Mexico will never do. He really thinks that a magic solution will be given, when these in life are an entelechy.

To return from the country with the number one economy in the world and say that everything will be fine and there will be growth and development without foundation, seeing the red numbers; investors will hardly bring their money to Mexico. On the contrary, the Mexican government lives without giving certainty to financial institutions, both domestic and foreign.

It won't take long for reality to collect our bill, knocking on the door and telling us that it was all a crumbling sandcastle.

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The Economy in Mexico & the world
The Economy in Mexico & the world

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