It seems that things will not go wrong, but worse in the Mexican economy.

The topic begins by saying a famous paremia: "the week begins badly for those who will hang on Monday." In other words, let's talk about work in the Mexican Republic. Formal jobs according to the Social Security statistics of said nation are collapsing in relation to the last two six-year terms.

Here what is induced is a false image, taking into account the constant falsehoods that the current president dictates. The highest level in the country was over a year ago and by now, we have absolutely nothing, that is, we are about to enter the debacle; We already have evidently since the first of December last year that formal jobs are being lost.

There is no longer any sense in continuing to say in the government that everything will be fine and that unemployment will decrease. Derisive, just for a trip to the American nation. Unfortunately, the recovery will be long, perhaps until 2022. The recovery of formal employment cannot happen overnight, since the creation of sources of employment are anchored in the past, only the emission of messages are negative. to investors, it is pure illusion and vain dreams on the part of the devastated presidency.

The creation of new jobs is at stake. The President of Mexico continues with his occurrences and remains in that absurd waste. What will happen to the other most relevant topics? I think nothing. Keep saying that we already control the economy and the pandemic, it is still a brutal lie.

However, you do not have to listen and pay attention to these falsehoods. You are responsible for getting ahead and putting a grain of harmony towards your neighbor and your life every day. The President of Mexico will not stop being a stubborn demagogue. Mexican families deserve more every day than these Democrats who are not worth it at all.

What will happen then with our young people. The government's calculations are absolutely wrong, the only good thing they know how to do is lie. However, you already realized the truth, in such a way that when we realize this, you will never again give a single vote to that evil government.

This start of the week is not at all unlucky, on the contrary, truth and hope are being told, the more time passes, the more it is in our hands to become a reality.

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